Captracker v0.4b

Well this is certainly a unique idea. It tracks how many times you have captured a flag, returned a flag, or killed a flag carrier. It also...


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Well this is certainly a unique idea. It tracks how many times you have captured a flag, returned a flag, or killed a flag carrier. It also interfaces with Winamp and Windows Media Player. Well, as I went into a CTF server to test this, I noticed that someone there had it. So I asked them for their comments. Comments are from ''sexy | blade'' (I have edited these so that they look grammatically correct, and so they are not fragmented as I had sexy | blade input the notes directly into my kill tracker.) To quote sexy | blade:

The captracker works well with all my music files, and it works really good with winamp. One flaw is that it doesn't minimize, and i wish it had a kill tracker in it. I like how you have to join spectator to change your name, because it prevents people from copying your name and controlling your kill tracker

As with sexy | blade, the captracker does work well with Winamp. I had problems interfacing with Windows Media Player, where I would search for a song, and Windows Media Player would ''pop up''. (My taskbar would show up) and it would not change to the song I had searched for. Although regular song scrolling does work. I think that this is a great idea for all the CTF'ers out there! Track your CTF stats! My only regret is that the author didn't quite make the interfacing with Windows Media Player just right, but that might be just me. And as sexy | blade said, it would have been nice if it had its own Kill Tracker and minimizer to go with it.

~Zach ~~With help from Sexy | Blade

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: CapTracker v0.4b
AUTHORS**: teh 1337, ensiform
CONTACT**: You can usually find us at these places:
E-MAILS**: [email protected], [email protected]
JKA SERVRS**: Wild Jedi ( or sometimes JA+ Official CTF (

DATE RELEASED: 11 February 2006

CREDITS**: ...

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Extract the exe anywhere and run. When in-game just join from spectator
and it will get your name. If you start the application after you are already in-game just open the console ( Shift+tilde (~/`) )
and type /name and press enter. However it is best to start CapTracker BEFORE you start Jedi Academy to
get optimal performance.

DESCRIPTION**: Our attempt at making a tracking application of number of captures you get,
as well as times you have returned a flag, and/or killed a flag carrier.

COMMANDS**: Here is a list of commands that are usable in the captracker simply open a
chat box and type one of the following:

!power - Toggle Power
!silent - Toggle Silent Mode (messages displayed / no messages displayed)
!echo - Toggle Echo Mode (instead of saying the messages, they show up in the top left of your screen and console)
!stats - Show Current Statistics - Number of Caps, Number of Flag Carrier Frags, and Number of Flag Returns, as well as your average number per 20 minutes
!caps - Show Current Number of Caps
!fcfrags - Show Current Number of Flag Carrier Frags
!returns - Show Current Number of Feturned Flags
!wmp - Set Media Player controls to interface with Windows Media Player (r)
!winamp - Set Media Player controls to interface with Winamp(r)
!play - Play Current Song in your Playlist
!play searchtext - Play first instance of searchtext in your playlist
!paus - Pause / Unpause playback (yes it is missing the e due to shrubbot in ensimod also using !pause for game pause)
!prev - Play Previous Song in your Playlist
!next - Play Next Song in your Playlist
!stop - Stop Playback and reset cursor position
!repeat - Toggle Repeat Mode
!shuffle - Toggle Shuffle Mode
!current - Displays Currently Playing Song
!time - Shows Local Time

BUGS**: The loop stalls sometimes and does not pick up the commands you say or log caps/etc and must 
be exited and restarted. It does not happen very often though.

COMMENTS**: You can set up customized strings for when you cap, kill flag carrier, return flag, and 
now playing message. for the cap, fc frag, and returns use %d where the value would appear and for 
now playing message use %s.(ie: I have captured %d flags! or Now Playing: %s)


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