What's red with black lines and has huge white eyes and teeth? Why, it's Carnage! Yep, here's Version 2 of the Carnage skin, this time on th...


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What's red with black lines and has huge white eyes and teeth? Why, it's Carnage! Yep, here's Version 2 of the Carnage skin, this time on the GrayFox model.

Since not too much was changed from the last version besides the model, there's Inyri's review of the original skin:

So let me get this off my chest before I begin. I'm not a Spider-Man fan. I've seen the movies, sure, but beyond that, nada. I can, however, use Google Image search just as good as the next person. My final answer: this Carnage skin is decent. It could be better, naturally, as can anything on this site, but for what it is I think it achieves its goals fairly well.

I'm going to break this down into pros and cons. Let's start with the pro's though. Firstly, this skin has the right color scheme. Sounds silly that I would mention that, doesn't it? Well trust me, you'd be surprised... The fact that the author got the right colors here is a great start! In addition to this, the author has given conscious thought to (a) the shape of the character (by choosing the shadowtrooper model) and (b) the relationship between the red body and the black hilighting of the character.

Another good pro to mention is that custom sounds were included, all googled from... google. I was going to list these as a con, because I think they sound silly, but since I'm here to judge the mod and not the character, they will remain a pro. And of course the face is there... what would Carnage be without his crazy face?

On to the cons, during which I will include my own suggestions on improving this skin. Con number one: the model. I know it looks like I listed it as a pro, but it was more the thought of it that was the pro. The actual model has the right basic shape to be Carnage, but it's far too segmented. It looks like armor... which it is. The first model I thought of that might make a good replacement was the Grayfox model. I'll admit it's been a while since I've had time to take a close look at it, so it may not fit either, but it's food for thought anyway. Although that model does come with its own set of problems.

My second con was the black hilighting. This again is like the model. It's good that the author recognized it needed to be there, but it's far too random to really be what Carnage displays, which is a definite hilighting of the musculature and body, and not nearly so random as the author has made it. A little more attention to this could create a really awesome effect.

The last thing I really wanted to mention was the red bit, and this is minor. I understand the author has used a very simple filter to create the effect, but I did want to mention that, from my stint on google image search, Carnage's skin looked far smoother than this particular skin shows it to be. A little bit of a blur on this filter might smooth it out a little.

Phew, a bit long winded tonight. Overall I'd say it's a good attempt at Carnage, from Spider-Man, and with a little tweaking (and maybe a new model choice) a version two could be a very successful improvement on this. In the mean time, though, this particular skin seems like it should do fairly well as a Carnage option, for the fans.


When I look at this skin, I see a red skin with a bunch of black lines and a filter put on it. The eyes and teeth appear to be paintbucketed also. It does, though, resemble the character it is based on, though not as much as I would have liked, judging from images I found using Google...

Anyway, if you liked the first version but thought it needed a different model, give this a download.


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Okay I saw that people wanted a V2 for my Carnage skin so i granted their wishes. I know I finished this only a day after V1 but I guess I wanted more too. !!!***THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH V1***!!! Thank you ksk_h2O and Elandain for Grayfox model that I reskined. Since I used the Grafox model well it's better I guess. I gave it a bit of a glow so now it's not that solid looking. The eyes and teeth are more realistic. I gave it a six pack too ;). Sounds are the same too. It only took me three hours to make it. I used photo shop. And paint was used for the black highlights but then I went over it with texturizer. Again I say GET IFRIT SABERS. If any problems or concerns just email me.
In the future look for Black Cat, Ivisable Woman, Human Torch, and Dead Pool.
If any one can help me with some shader stuff for Human Torch that would be great!!! And well the Black Cat FYI is a girl but somehow the game recognizes it as a man so if any one could help me with that it would also be great!!!


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