Carrack Light Class Cruiser

Probably the first thing you'll notice about this map is the FPS, which isn't very pleasing. I averaged about 18-25FPS on most areas of the...


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Probably the first thing you'll notice about this map is the FPS, which isn't very pleasing. I averaged about 18-25FPS on most areas of the ship, and a little areaportaling and better use of structural/detail brushes could easily have fixed this problem. Still, there's always the ability to make a v2 right? The map itself, lag aside, looks very nice. You lose the atmopshere a little in some of the crew's quaters, with very out-of-place posters, including one of what 'appeared' to be an imperial officer with a moustache... very odd.

There's not just the cruiser either, you can teleport down to a planet which is shrouded in red fog. Don't ask me how to teleport back, I couldn't find out how.. I wasn't too keen on the red fog personally, and theres a few errors with it, it doesn't always envelop obejcts properly and you can sometimes see random bits of skybox. The gun turrets here which aim and shoot at your are very cool though! :thumbsup: The skybox itself also looks very well-made, works fairly well with the environment.

The best sections are by far on the ship, although the top of it in space where that laser-cannon is needs to be edited so the textures don't repeat as much. I enjoyed the hanger, although it was a pity you couldn't fly the ships, instead being teleported to a cockpit, which you can't actually use :( Nice idea though. There's also some controllable droids which although fun at first, quickly become kinda pointless, plus they take up a lot of your vehicle limit. Overall the map has a good design, but is severly flawed by lag and doesn't flow particularly well, as you'll find when having to travel by slow lifts and long corridors, with no bot support! Tut tut ;)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (66.98MB)

Carrack Class Readme
The contents of this .zip file should include the following files:-

Screenshots Folder
Virquin Promo Screenshots

Quick Info
The actual map file is 21,003 brushes big
The map features new sounds, textures, music, and vehicles
The final compile time was around 22 Hours
The Build time was about 2 months

Installation Instructions
Open your base folder in the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Directory
Eg. C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game Data/Base

Then drag and drop both the .pk3 files into the base folder

If you cannot follow these simple instructions successfully, 
I strongly suggest you disconnect your computer from the Internet 
before you harm somebody.
Software and Hardware
Hardware of Compile Machine -
1.7 Ghz AMD Athlon XP Processor
nVIDIA FX5200 128 AGP Graphics Card

Software Used - 
GTK Radiant v 1.4.0
Adobe Photoshop CS
Adobe Image Ready CS
Acrobat 7.0
EasyGen Terrain Generator
Windows Media Player
Sound Recorder
Credits (will do fine)
Merrick – Mapping, Texture Creation and Modification, Shaders
His Evil Greatness Jacam Betri – Creator of Droid Veichles, Beta Tester
Helios – Sound Archivist
[WP]Maniac – Music Archivist
Daron Kel – Digital Artist
Scott Peeples – Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries Mecharok OC Remix
Berle – Technical Assistant, Beta Tester
Simmo – Shader Assistant
Hyrax – Creative Assistant, Beta Tester
BabySpinach – Shader Assistance (map-center forums)
Darth G - Tech Assistance (map-center forums)
Zertz – Beta Tester
Welli Ton  - Beta Tester
Alamy Canew – Beta Tester
Torvan Raiker  - Beta Tester
Enzo Aquarius –Beta Tester
Magus Vosh – Beta Tester
Savage (erp) – Input
Germoc Badron (erp) – Input, Official Sound Stealer
Watcher (erp) – Input
Sam Bickley – Input
Set Harth (rpg-world) – Input
Jack D (erp) – Input
Ryuu Hi (erp) – Input
Helios  (erp) – Input
Arron Dominion (erp) – Input
Iris Kalamyr (erp) – Input
Gmoney (erp)  - Input
Arron Wesson (erp) – Input
Travis North (erp) – Input
Zac Doeza (erp) – Input
His Canon’ness Scooter (erp) – Input
Black Peter Sortengard (erp) – Input, legal advisor: p
Millen Rouge (erp) – Input
Talon (erp) – Input
Jay Ledford (erp) – Input
Janet Flare (rpg-world) – Input
Blamj (rpg-world) – Input
Gojna (rpg-world) – Input
Jack Keller (rpg-world) – Input

(you will find more information about the carrack in the Carrackguide.pdf file)
Jedi Knight Jedi Academy is Copyright LucasArts 2003, LucasArts are a Trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. 
2003 Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd, or Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM as indicated. All rights reserved. 
This file is in no way affliated with any of the above, 
the author (Merrick) does not take any credit for the textures created by the game developers, 
nor for any of the other modified textures used in this file, and makes no profit from this file in anyway.
Do not distribute this file or screenshots of map without the author’s permission. 
The author cannot be hold responsible for any damage this file may cause to your computer, 
if you download this file you acknowledge you accept full responsibility of any damage caused.

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