Casa de Fuego

Casa de fuego. House of fire, for those unfamiliar with Spanish. Those who are familiar with Spanish will probably realize it should...


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Casa de fuego. House of fire, for those unfamiliar with Spanish. Those who are familiar with Spanish will probably realize it should be casa del fuego to be grammatically correct ;).

This map certainly is a house of fire, but it is a somewhat lacking house of fire, mainly due to a significant amount of missing textures and several missing slash damage entities. Fire should burn and be painful. You shouldn't be able to squat in the middle of it waiting for your target to run past.

Now if I just sounded really negative, it's because I hate it when a good map has the little bits missing. Not that I necessarily blame the author -- it was probably just an unintended oversight -- we all make them. However the number of missing textures is significant enough to make it very noticible, and very annoying. However on the other hand, the architecture of the map is very nice. The map features quite a few curves, including curved pillars, as well as pits, jump pads, angular archways, and octagonal stairways. Boxy and curved are brought together to create an interesting atmosphere that really fits a firey atmosphere.

What I'd like to see in a version two would be uniform splash damage on the many fire effects (some of them cause splash damage, some don't) and I'd like to see those textures fixed, for sure! A good start on an interesting map that I'd love to see completed.

Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes New Models: Yes New Textures: Yes


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Map Name                : Casa De Fuego
Author                  : Caleb Creed
Email Address           :
Website URL             : N/A
Map description         : This map is a Capture the Flag level for 2-16ish people. 
                          The only unifying idiom being the ubiquitous env\fire and 
                          the twisted architecture. 
Other info              : <Bot Routes are terrible, I worked on them for a while, but all the 
                           Jumping Required was a little too much for them.One player against bots is not reccomended.

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas...and some others...probably....

Thanks to               : Richdiesal(all manners of tutorials)Guys who contributed to GTK. 
                          My parents and everyone who supported me and told me I could do it....sniff

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : Symphony and Metal Imperial March :)
New Skins               : NO
New Objects             : NO

* Construction *
Brush Count             : 1765 Brushes
Vert Count              : approximately 4223 Verts
Entity Count            : 494 Entities
Base info               : the map is made from scratch, I modified a shader I got from PSO for the lava 
Software used           : <jk2radient mostly but gtkradient towards the end>
Known Bugs              : not sure but it took gtkradient 2hrs to compile it :p 
Build Time              : <err..roughly two weeks>

* How to use this map *

Place casadefuego_ctf.pk3 in gamedata\base\ 

* Copyright / Permissions *


<If you want to use something just contact me at>

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