Catz Multi-Player and Single-Player

I'm going to start out by saying I like these skins, and I don't like these skins. It was very hard to decide whether I did like them or I...


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I'm going to start out by saying I like these skins, and I don't like these skins. It was very hard to decide whether I did like them or I didn't, since I have strong feelings both ways. I'll make a pro/cons list to show you what I mean.

Let's start out with the pros, because I hate sounding entirely cynical and mean. I love this model. Sure, it has some weak points, but I'm personally very fond of cats so I decided to overlook them. The sounds are pretty good, though a little repetative. The chrome shader, which these skins and models are famous for, is also very good. I do also like the design of these skins - it works very well - and there are many variations to choose from.

Now for the cons. It's 40mb - that's the number one con. I don't know if everything in there needs to be a PNG because I didn't look at the shader all that hard, but that really ups the filesize to the point where a lot of people won't download it I'm afraid. I wouldn't even download a 40mb skinpack - it just doesn't seem worth it. Con number two for me is that, despite the neat shader, it would be really nice if the areas not being affected by the shader were a bit better skinned. Compared to the shiny chrome/gold areas, the rest of the torso and legs look like a black hole of nothingness. I thought I saw a little bit of texture, but there's not much definition. Actually now that I look at the texture there nothing except an overlaid texture. Really takes what could be a great skin and makes it just a good or 'okay' skin. My last con is that I found one of the torsos that didn't seem to work. I can't remember quite which it was, but it was one of the chrome torsos.

Overall? Awesome looking skins that just need a little more attention to fine details. These would probably be a ton of fun to play with, and having them in the single-player menu just makes them that much easier to use to their full potential. If you can stand the 40mb download, they'd probably be worth your time.

Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes (may be from original pack) NPC Support: No


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Download '' (39.83MB)


Title			: Catz Multi-Player and single-player


Xander: modified the Catz model made by -<J§C>-Lord G-spot and -<J§C>-Darth Khan.

File Name		: jedi_catz.pk3
File Size		: 39.9MB
CTF skins  		: yes
bot support     	: yes
Custom Sounds		: yes
Shaders			: yes

Date Released		: 28/04/05 (yes im australian so thats how i put the date dd/mm/yy)
Build Time		: approximatley 3 or 4 months, maybe a bit more

Description: well basically this is the cat skins made by the above authors. only ive put them in the
custom character screen, so that they dont take up space in the normal selection screen. i also made a few new skins 
that were not included in the original pack, the original pack can be found at or;27963

in addition to making them in the character selection screen, i also made several new skins to add to the pack, i made
smoking and non smoking versions of each skin, i also changed the color of the plating on the armour to a nice grey/silver
color,the new skins include the black panther with white stripes, (steels skin) and a cheetah, (the one with the black lines 
on the face). in all im pretty happy with this pack, it took me a while, it wasnt really hard, just time consuming. in all 
there are 9 different cats, each with a cigarrete and without, each have 3 colors to the suit, and each have both the gold 
and silver plating options. in all thats quite alot of different variations you can have. at my count thats over 972 
different combinations.

first of all i know its a large download, and ty for taking the time to download it.
Thank you for downloading the catz for Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy. 

i would like to say that i helped create the normal tiger, in that i got the textures from another skin and mapped it onto
the model, the original textures were from another tiger skin the two above authors made but never released. i also hand
made the black panther with white stripes, and the cheetah, i also made the silver plated versions. the rest of the skins 
in the pack, including the cigarette were made by the other two authors. so alot of thanks goes to them.

It has full team support. To install the the skin pack, go to your JA base directory (inside GameData) and put jedi_Catz.pk3 there.

This skin pack is for multiplayer and single player. since it is in the character selection screen, u can select it like a regular

Please note, that i have only added the default grey color for both the smoking and non smoking, gold and silver plated skins
to the selection screen. i have still enabled team support, but you have to use the console to enable it. this is due to the
fact that if i added an icon for each color for each plate, i would need 54 slots in the custom character screen, per part.
and the screen only allows 24 icons to be added. therefore i had to cut back on what i put available. to find a full list of
colors and variations, check the other file attached in the zip folder. (variations.txt) i had tried editing the game files
to extend the list, i was even able to get the character to stop rotating at one stage, but i just couldnt figure out how to
extend the number of 24. if someone is able to help me, please feel free to email me at and instruct me
on how to do this, i would then make a version 2 and release it.

You may distribute this skin pack, provided this readme and the jedi_Catz.pk3 file remain intact.  It may be edited in any way or used for any purpose without asking me first.
but i would like some acknowledgement when u release it.


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