Cavern of Death

Now given light of this, a claim written in the read-me, you'll understand why I feel the need to be as detailed as possible in my review:...


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Now given light of this, a claim written in the read-me, you'll understand why I feel the need to be as detailed as possible in my review:

This map is said to be one of the best maps ever seen on Jedi academy.

I wonder who said that. This map isn't bad, but I certainly wouldn't classify it under the heading of "one of the best." The cave looks like it was scooped out with an ice cream scooper - the ceilings are very smooth, just rounded a bit. The ground is very angular, not particularly looking the way that rock would form in a cavern. There are no light sources that I can see in the main area to produce the light that is present. The texturing is repetitive, and in areas changes with no transition. In short this map has a lot of errors that most experienced mappers would not make, and as such I am disappointed that they claimed it was one of the best Jedi Academy maps ever created. Seems kind of insulting to those authors who really do put out excellent work, and are humble about it.

No bot support has been included, which is kind of a bummer, and no new models or extra goodies. However if you look around you'll find interesting messages like "don't lame" on the walls. Personally I find it to not deliver on what the read-me promised, and when I get false information I'm especially more unlikely to download. False promises are disappointing.

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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Download '' (11.35MB)

///				    cavern                           ///
///								     ///
///Author: dF Management					     ///
///Creater's: St3a1th, leia, Steve Roberts		             ///
///Email:                          ///
///Map Name: Cavern of Death                                         ///
///File Size: 9.95 MB (10,434,123 Bytes)			     ///
///Development Time: 2 weeks					     ///
///Website:                        ///
///Release Date: 7/03/06                                             ///
///Compatibility: Jedi Academy					     ///
How to Install: 

To install this file you can use the following method

Extract this file to your base directory normally C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base .

This is a re-creation of a star trek map made by Steve Roberts called cavern. With his permission we have converted it to Jedi 
Academy. This map is of a cave in side an asteroid, it has several duelling area's and it is ideal for FFA and tffa. It also 
has auto npc admin, in order to prevent server lag and your server from crashing.This map is said to be one of the best maps 
ever seen on Jedi academy. This truly does look like a Cave. It has many features like small caves to hide in and suprise your 
enemy. It also has a maze with a fantastic atmospheric rest area. You truly can believe that you are there, in all it has 3 
rest area's in total and an admin room with a contol room. It also has a feature not yet seen in any JKA map before. A TFFA 
which can only be accessed when in this mode and has been designed espically for TFFA Matches, So your enemy cant heal on 
pickups no need to mess around with all those disable commands to stop weapon pickups and health pickups just simply change
to tffa and change the map. This map is a true master peace and is well worth downloading. 

admin room: -1920 20152 24616 0 

Special Thanks To: - for resources
Virtue: - for help and support
Steve Roberts: For Allowing us to change the maps and providing us with the .maps
DF Members: - For support and help with this map



This map has been tried and tested and has shown to be working. It has also shown to be virus free.
Destructive forc3 raven and Lucas arts are not responsible for use of this map and any damage it may cause (although it has been tested and shown to be ok)


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