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Well well, what have we here? A prefab! And what's more, it's a spaceship. And I'd place this one in the corvette category.

The quality l...


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Well well, what have we here? A prefab! And what's more, it's a spaceship. And I'd place this one in the corvette category.

The quality level is actually really high. It's clear the author put some effort into this. There are a total of four versions of this corvette, with the differences being in number of seats, cargo space, and a door for said cargo. The exteriors for each variant are identical, with the exception of said door for said cargo. (Have I said 'said' enough, yet? :P)

Variant 1 A 24-seater transport with minimal cargo space. Good for personnel or soldiers. There are a few things that could be improved, though. First, the texture selection. As a troop carrier it would make sense, but not as a civilian transport. It needs more carpeting and a luxury-ish feel for that. Second, is the seat configuration. Usually, a troop carrier has the soldiers along the wall, with space in the middle for small vehicles (This ship would need a door in the center of the floor to fit one). Also, I don't know about some people, but I'd find it uncomfortable to be facing someone while sitting in this kind of setting. I suggest flipping and moving every other row of seating so it's more like a commercial jet, as opposed to an old-fashioned train from the early 20th century. Overall, a good setup, but it doesn't quite fit the role I see this ship in.

Variant 2 An 18-seater, with 12 of those seats along one wall, in the same configuration as above. The other six seats are up against the opposite wall, in traditional troop-carrier style. This variant offers a little more room for cargo than above, but it still doesn't quite fit the role I see this ship in.

Variant 3 A 12-seater, with the seats along the walls in proper troop-carrier fashion, resulting in plenty of space in the middle. It isn't quite there, but it's close to the role I imagined.

Variant 4 A 3-seater, with a large door in the middle of the floor. (Hey! That rhymes!) Apart from the three seats, which are up against the front wall, the entire interior is given over to cargo space. Far from the role I imagined...

All four variants come with a cockpit containing two seats. The window setup here is rather ingenious. There are also two control panels that control slightly-overpowered turrets on the wings. :P

Overall, an excellent job. Now here's what I imagined for the role that this ship would play: Take variant 4, remove the cargo and the 3 front-wall seats, import the seats from variant 3, and add a small vehicle-crane to the ceiling and centered over the door. The result? A fast-flying dropship that can deliver a medium-sized squad along with a scout vehicle to the battlefield with ease, efficiency, and relative safety.

Yeah, I'm a sci-fi vehicle connoisseur. :P


New Textures: No (Used one from Raven Bonus Pack) New Sounds: No

Warning: These ships were created using GTKRadiant 1.5! Opening them in 1.4 will result in errors!

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CCT Spaceships by Arkan
Author Info
Mapper: Arkan
Email Address:
File Info
Title: CCT Spaceships
File Name:
New Textures: Yes (from the jka bonus maps)
New Shaders: No
Bot Support: No
Game Types(Preview map) FFA
Date Of Release: 16/03/09

Description: This is a spaceship I made for a map wich is not released yet. 
The file includes 4 variants of the ship, 24 person/trooper transport, 18 
person/trooper transport + room for some cargo, A 12 person/trooper transport 
with some open space in the middle, and a cargo carrier with a big door in the 
bottom of the ship and 3 seats. All these 4 variants have a cockpit with 2 pilot 
seats. You can freely use these ships in your map, you can also customize a ship, 
like adding more seats, cargo etc. As long as I get the proper credit.
have problems in 1.4 or older versions. If there is such a problem, e-mail me and 
i will try to fix it.

Each of the ships has 2 turrets on each wing, both turrets are triggered in the 
cockpit and are customizable. The turrets have a high radius so you might want to 
change them in open maps.

In the .zip file there should be:
*  .map files
*  textures
*  cct_spaceships_prev
*  cct_spaceships_readme

Place the .map files in the .mao files folder in your /gamedata/base/maps folder or an 
other folder you prefer. 
Place the cct_spaceships_prev in your /gamedata/base folder. 
Place the textures folder 
in /gamedata/base.

When you copy a ship from the, make sure you ALWAYS copy and paste 
(CRTL+C CRTL+V). If you duplicate radiant wont make new entity's, when you copy and paste 
it does. When you copy and paste a ship, make sure you change the team of the dubble doors 
in the ship, but this is only necessary if you have more than 1 in your map.

Construction Info
The ships were build in a few days. All the ships are finished and all the known 
bugs have been fixed or removed. There is only one thing that could annoy people, 
wich is the back door. You dont really walk "smooth" through it. This is fixable if 
you want, you can make the doorway bigger and clip the stairway. The ship doesnt has 
a landing gear and maybe in the future i will add one. If you want, you can make one.

NOTE: All the brushes except patches and entitys, are detail brushes. This to make 
the FPS better.

Another note: on the preview map, when you fall down, you dont die immidiatly, but 
your health goes rapedly down. I tried to fix this, but until now this didnt had any 

All the ships are mapped by Arkan(me) I would also like to thank The Council of Light 
(clan) for all their support and offcourse the CoL Creativy Team(CCT)
Special thanks to Rufus

Copyright / Permissions


You MAY distribute these prefabs inside your map, provided you include this file, 
with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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