main aspect of the show, but I won't get into that now. I'll get into the file review. =O Cell was a character from Dragonball Z; he was...

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main aspect of the show, but I won't get into that now. I'll get into the file review. =O Cell was a character from Dragonball Z; he was one of the many villains and, like nearly every other character featured in the show, he underwent many "stages" throughout his saga. With each form he got more and more powerful, and the authors of this model pack have included all three for you to play with.I'll just start by saying that cell is like... a bug, that like... goes through puberty as he goes through forms.No really. You can actually see the changes from the previous form in the next, and the final looks pretty cool. The very first stage, simple titled "Cell" by the author, looks like a little insect which could be squashed with your foot. He is extremely triangular and meek and features a triangle head, little wings, and a long tail, and he is rather dehumanized by his lack of a face. The model is pretty good but I just don't like this form that much because he looks so... weak. The texturing is well done but seems to lack any sort of shading... then again so did the cartoon. Regardless it's a faithful representation of the original DBZ concept.The second form called "Imperfect Cell" is quite a bit larger and more intimidating but he's lost his wings! Doesn't matter; they don't need their wings to fly anyway. The modeling and texturing on this form just seems superior to the last one, probably because this form is superior to the last. Again, a faithful representation.The last form, or "Perfect cell", is by far the coolest out of all three. He has grown back his wings and they're very large now, and his tail has shortened into a sort of stinger poking out of his back. He also sports a green exoskeleton which covers light gray skin and makes him seem more like a warrior and less of an insect. Also... he has a face now! A real face, complete with nose and mouth and eyes! The attention to detail in both modeling and texturing on this model surpasses both of the previous Cell forms and it really pulls off what most would consider the "Iconic" Cell look. The only problems I could spot were weirdly undetailed hand textures and a small hole underneath the left armpit, though both aren't really too noticeable.New sounds are included and fit the model, though I can't remember if they're Cell's actual voice from the cartoon or not. I can't recall what he sounded like. Oh well. They work. My only other suggestion for this pack now would be to give each model some cool character portraits; right now the icons for the models are really pixely and boring.Now you can have a three way Dragonball Z battle with Goku, Broly, and Cell! If you think that your power level is high enough, then give this file a shot; any Dragonball Z fan won't be disappointed.All we need is a Vegeta model, because Goku and his enemies aren't complete without Vegeta screaming "HIS POWER LEVEL!! IT'S OVER NINE THOUSND111".~Laam'inui

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