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Cell Shaded Reborn

To start of this review I must say one thing: this skin is perhaps the most RANDOM thing I have seen in quite a while. Now, in the Readme t...


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To start of this review I must say one thing: this skin is perhaps the most RANDOM thing I have seen in quite a while. Now, in the Readme the authors (two of em) say that they used MS Paint, to make this. Now if that is true, then I must say two more things: 1. The authors (plural) are completely insane 2. The authors (also plural) have waaaay to much time on there hands. Anyways, the skin appears to be a re-creation on one of the new JKA reborn (see pictures). What’s amazing about this skin is not the quality itself, but the fact it looks like a kindergartener traced it. I guess that’s not the best way of putting it, a better way is it looks very… cell shaded. That could be a good thing or bad, depending on how you look at this. This skin also comes with new sounds, these also remind me of kindergarten (once again you decide if that’s good or bad). They seem to be the authors voice’s recorded, then had the bass and speed on them messed up. As for problems, well… The skin itself, on a pure quality level, is a complete copy, and a lesser one at that. However since that was the whole purpose… well… I guess you’ll either find this skin amusing (like myself), or hate it (like… um…someone). Besides that problem, that we haven’t really even decided is a problem… the only other things are the lack of team colors and bot support. I really don’t feel I can give this skin a fair grade on our scale, cause its really something completely different. Still it seems like a lot of work has gone into this, and personally, I like it. ~DeathBringer

Teams Colors: No Bot Support: No New Sounds: Yes

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Authors: VVarplink and Darknut (hes crazy)
program: WE USED MS PAINT THE BEST PROGRAM ON THE MARKET :D Just playing but we did use it
Does have new sounds wich only works some times but we figured u would give us a break
Description: Cell Shaded version of the new reborn
Same as old jk2 (those were the golden days :D)

Email ady: WarplinK131703 at yahoo.com

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