This mod includes 4 new skins and 4 new hilts, each with a custom model :) I looked at the skins first, and they are rreskins of the 'new' r...


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This mod includes 4 new skins and 4 new hilts, each with a custom model :) I looked at the skins first, and they are rreskins of the 'new' reborns and some other guy, who I think is the 'Jedi' model. The faces for these two skins have remained the same, which looks a little similar, but they are all wearing different clothes/armour which makes them look polished. :D

Every skin also has a part in their clothing with is luminated, like a green circle that glows e.t.c. As for the two reborn reskins, they look like the people from the film 'Tron' which are very cool, they have lots of green light-up patterns and lines over their clothing, and they look very nice. The only thing I didn't like was some of the face art. I'm not sure which skins it was on, but they have lines all over their faces for some reason... Face paint maybe? But the main point is that it doesn't look very good, especially when all the other parts look good. :(

Now onto the saber hilts. The models are very good, but the artwork on them is somewhat lacking.. They're covered in what looks more like a simple colour than a texture, grey,white, green. There is the odd texture on em which looks okay, but unfortunately they are kinda ruined by the other parts. There is also a 'Katana' sword which, despite again having i cool model and shape, looks rubbish because of poor texturing :( There is also a double bladed version of this sword which is a nice addition :)

So, there are 2 single bladed lightsaber hilts and 2 double bladed hilts, all with new blades to match em. Another thing - don't you think the sword ought to be shiny, instead of dull grey? Overall some very nice skins, but the hilts are not as good as I hoped.

~Szico VII~

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Chemix/Darth Tarion/ Sith Lord Dactus skin data:

Backstory for skin: Long ago during the 4th great war of the sith, one 
of the sith troopers found new found hope in the jedi dream rather than 
the sith nightmare he had been striding to help create. He escaped to 
courascant where he joined the jedi order. For his treachery the sith had 
him captured during the battle of the Dauntuine. He attempted to escape but 
fell before the sith lord Dactus. Dactus rebuilt him as a weapon, a weapon
to wipe out the jedi order. During that time he became the feared Darth
Tarion, the leader of the sith space forces. Chemix was able to regain 
concuisness and call the republic for support. The sith base was crushed 
and so began the turn of the tide in the war. Dactus was recovered, his 
neural interface was badly damaged by a jedi designed virus that was 
destroying the computer systems, he was plugged into the computers when 
the virus was attacking. He was retrained as a jedi with a clean slate 
afterwares. Chemix was no where to be found after the battle. He now 
fights the machine beneath the skin for controle in his quest to become 
fully human again- note this story is a fictionalwriting and in no way 
related to the person who made this skin (besides the fact that I wrote it)
, it was made for the enjoyment of the other players using this skin and or 
just reading this readme. 

Chemix skin:

Bot support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes (new taunt and death sounds)
Team Support: Yes

Darth Tarion skin:

Bot support: Yes
New sounds: Yes (new taunt)
Team Support: Yes

Sith Lord Dactus skin:

Bot support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes (new taunt)
Team Support: Yes

Jedi Dactus skin:

Bot support: Yes
New sounds: Yes (same sounds as chemix)
Team Support: Yes (same team skins as sith lord dactus)

Omega Dragonis saber:

New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: no

Modern katana sword:

New Textures: Yes
New Sounds:Yes

Dual katana sword:

New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes

Time Blade sword:
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes

:Authors comments:
This is my first skin, I hope that u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed 
making it. I know it's not some fancy skin with lots of cool energy
shaders and stuff like that, but I hope that you will enjoy anyways. 
Have a great day.

place pk3 in the base folder.

remove pk3 from base folder.

base folder location:
progam files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base


Admiral Chemix(me)-creation of the skin

TK 8252-special thanks for helping me learn how to skin, and beta 

Itex- the scratched metal texturers were found during a google search
the site was labeled itex so I assume they made it

TiM- special thnx for helping me so much with the sabers, he created the .sab
file for the omega dragonis saber and fixed up the models in ms

Wade- special thanks for helping me so much with the shaders and the sword 
ding sounds that he allowed me to use


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