Chief Piggie and Mother Goose

No, I'm not joking. What we have here is an attempt at skinning the most inane characters onto the most unsuitable models. First, we\...


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File Description

No, I'm not joking.

What we have here is an attempt at skinning the most inane characters onto the most unsuitable models.

First, we'll start with.... .... .... Chief Piggie. *shudder*

Basically it's the Rax Joris model skinned to be a police chief. It's nothing more than several blocks of flat colors used to make up a new outfit for him. There's really nothing I can say, except that the author really should try actual skinning in future rather than just paintbucketing.

Now, onto the second skin, which I have even less to say about.

It's simply Mon Mothma having undergone a transformation similar to above. After a Google Image Search, it's more than obvious (as if the name didn't make it obvious enough) that this skin is nothing like what it was meant to be - for a start, it's human.

My only advice to the skinner is this - refine your technique until you get past flat-shaded or paintbucketed skins before releasing anything more. Because these... I'm sorry, but these are just futile efforts, and if I didn't know better I would have considered it a joke submission.

At risk of sounding like a complete jerk, I honestly just can't find much to like about these. If you're easily entertained, they may provide a quick puerile giggle, but that's about it.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No Team Skins: Yes New Sounds: No

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Name: Chief Piggie and Mother Goose
Author: (JAWA)Mania
When: 5/17/06

Info: This skin is based on Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons and many imaginations on chiefs; fat, and always eating donuts. I am not against Police officers, I thought that reskinning Rax into a chief of a police team would be funny. 

MG info: This is Mother Goose, as some of you wanted. She lives in GooseBerry Glen, she sings, dances, plays with Bertram the Gander, and kills anybody with a saber. To some, she might look like a hag.

Bot Support: Yes
New Sounds: No
Team Skins: Yes
NPC support: No

Install the pk3 file by putting it in the JA base which is in the gamedata folder.

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