Chiss Species Pack 2.0

If you played JK2, then you would remember the bartender. I always thought he sounded like he had a lisp, but I guess he just put a lot of s...


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If you played JK2, then you would remember the bartender. I always thought he sounded like he had a lisp, but I guess he just put a lot of s's at the end of everything. Anyway, if you liked him, and you're a big fan of the Chiss species, you have to see this skin pack!

Kal El created this Chiss Species Pack for use in Single Player and Multiplayer. But you're not just getting a few skins here and there. There's both male and female Chiss' (that's kinda hard to say ... Chisseseseses... um, yeah) and there are several heads to choose from. At least for the males. He ... look at how many more guy's heads there are to choose from! *snarls* Okay, anyway ... they all have that lovely light blue skin and bright red eyes. Oh, and those of you who check the PotD often, might recognize one of those pics there. ;)

Okay, so Kal El didn't actually reskin anything here. But he has put together a very complete Chiss pack for those who've been wanting a different look for that species. There's bot support for both the female and male Chiss and he added some NPC's. Something completely unrelated to the Chiss thing - Kal El added RGB color support for the Rodian NPC's. So now they'll spawn with different colors. You guys may recall a Chiss female pack that was submitted by Tatsu Kogarasu. Kal El asked me to credit Tatsu Kogarasu for the idea and "for proving that it was possible to edit the female skins without horrible results." :)


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Chiss species pack 2.0 for Jedi Academy(works in MP and SP)
Author Information

Author: Kal El aka WhiteShdw(on Lucasforums)

Email Address: [email protected]

File Information

Title: Chiss Species Pack

File Name: Chiss_species_pack_v2.0.pk3

New Textures: Not really. I edited existing Raven human textures.

New Shaders: Yes. Added shaders for icons and stuff.

Bot Support: Yes, added bot support for the default skins.

Date Of Release: JAN 2004	

Description: An MP/SP skin pack for Jedi Academy that adds a new Species. The Chiss(male and female).	 

Installation Information

Unzip Chiss_species_pack_v2.0.pk3 to your Jedi Academy base directory. The characters should be selectable as a seperate species. If the Chiss don't show up in the menu, try scrolling through the selections with the right mouse button instead. 


I am not a skinner. I can't draw or paint. This is not a typical skin. I only recolored the Raven human heads/hands a bit and added red eyes.
I also mixed up the faces a little bit to create a bit more variation in the heads. Combining this with the different head surfaces of the model, I was able to create 8 different head variations. Very minor variations, but still variations.

I also wanted to use them as a seperate species in the game. That is why I put everything in a seperate directory and copied over some of the files from the human male model, most importantly the .glm file. That's one of the reasons the file is this big. I also added the selection text in all the different languages(probably made some translation mistakes :D), but I couldn't figure out how to do it without editing an existing file. The method I used now, is probably not the best one. Hopefully someone figures out a better way.

ps. In the opening cutscene(Where Jaden meets Rosh for the first time), the skins seems to have a blue milk moustache. I don't know what's causing this, and you don't see it in the rest of the game as far as I know.

*Added for version 1.1* 

The base Chiss skins haven't changed, but I added some different custom color options. I added some extra skin files for lower sections of the other species. Some of the models use the same surfaces so I ported over some pants skins from one species to another. I also made the Hoth outfit selectable for all species. 

I put in some NPC's for those who like to play with them. Their named chiss1, chiss2 and chisscommando. 

*Added for version 2.0*

Added Female Chiss this time as well, although I wasn't able to create more than the 3 basic human female heads. I added a bearded face option for all the hair styles in the Male section, taking the headcount for Chiss male up to 12. Added bot support based on the default male and female skins(also added icons for these).

I also put in RGB color support for Rodian NPC's. Raven's Shader files were already setup to make use of this, but for some reason they never implemented it.
Now Rodians will spawn with different colors, same as the Trandoshan and Weequay.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY use this SKIN as a base for other SKINS or mods without my HANDWRITTEN consent(hey, that's what I did). Have fun with them.

You MAY distribute this SKIN, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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