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In case you missed the review on the first Chiss Terminator release: Okay... well, this is supposed to be a Chiss Terminator. Sounde...


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In case you missed the review on the first Chiss Terminator release:

Okay... well, this is supposed to be a Chiss Terminator. Sounded really good when I downloaded it to test it out. Then I got a look at the textures. I just have one thing to say... shading. Not much of it. At first I thought there was, but I'm starting to think it's just a chrome filter.

The author basically took about a size 15 paintbrush and scribbled red and blue lines on here, with some grey and black that's supposed to be metal. Firstly it doesn't have the shading chrome would naturally have (a specular shader would have really improved this skin, as well - metal does shine!). Secondly, the area where the metal meets the flesh is flat lines - red, blue, and brown.

From a distance it looks alright, and to be fair it looks a lot worse in ModView than it does in-game. The author says it's his second skin, and I'm very proud that, despite this skin's shortcomings, the author didn't just recolor a Raven model and call it a skin. This shows at least some thought and effort, so hopefully his next skin will be a bit more detailed.

Yaaaay I like to see improvement based on my reviews! This version does have quite a way to go, but boy is it improved! Nobody learns to texture realistically on their first try, but this author really does seem to be making leaps and bounds. I love the face, even though it looks like he used an airbrush around the 'wound'. Still, better than a solid brush, and showing some thought into what that kind of a wound would really look like. From a distance is looks pretty good.

It still needs a shader, but I e-mailed the author a short explanation of specularity shaders so I'm hoping for a third version that will really shine. Shine... hehe, get it? Ah, nevermind... :p

For a next version, I would hope to see the following: -more detailed clothing -shader -custom sounds -more accurate texturing

Definitely good progress here, and improvement is always a welcomed sight here.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Chiss Terminatorv2
AUTHOR: new skinner/Robert Cunningham 
EMAIL: (For any advice, tips, or comments) 

FILENAME: t_chiss.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 26 July 2005 

CREDITS: To the terminator series that inspired me to do this skin. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  STEP 1: To make this skin work copy the pk3 file
	       STEP 2: Right-click the Jedi Academy Icon and go to properties
	       STEP 3: Click on the botton that says "Find Target"
	       STEP 4: Double-Click on the "Game Data" folder
	       STEP 5: Double-Click on the "base" folder
	       Step 6: Paste the pk3 file into the base folder

DESCRIPTION:  This is my Third skin for JEDI ACADEMY.
----I re-skinned him to a more flesh-like cuts and scrape.yet i still don't know how to
create shaders or make them work plus i want to add sounds to my skin and have no clue.
can you email me back specific step by step instuctions on how to do shaders(how to make metal shine)
and how to add/program the sounds that i recorded to my skin plus npc and bot. thanks. 

COMMENTS: I hope you enjoy.
------------------(My first i didnt submit,it was acultist in black with red eyes. 
if you want the skin, EMAIL me your email address and i will gladly
send it to you )-------------------------- 


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