Christmas At City 6B

Yay. I deleted a file to reupload a non-corrupted version of the pk3, and I didn't save the review in Notepad first. How... utterly stup...


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Yay. I deleted a file to reupload a non-corrupted version of the pk3, and I didn't save the review in Notepad first. How... utterly stupid of me. -_-

Ah well, happens to everyone at some point. Pinch of salt, and all that....



Anyway, what we have here is something I'd label as a small courtyard in the industrial sector of a city. Overall the map is a success, despite a few small things which I feel detract from it.

Firstly, let's look at how it's built. The architecture is both impressively done and consistent with the Coruscant theme portrayed in the singleplayer campaign. Some odd choices are used in the texturing, but aside from a few niggles it's overall fine. I found the mix of Coruscant texturing and factory texturing to be an odd blend, but ZidZabre pulls it off pretty well.

On the gameplay side of things, this map's primary application in gameplay is close-quarters gunplay. Take ya sabers and force powers elsewhere, because this map is suited perfectly for guns-only matches. The layout means that the action comes in thick and fast, and there are a few good tactical positions. The flow of gameplay is a little tricky, though, since the pathways are mostly linear. More movement, more ways to travel, are definitely something I'd like to see in a future version. Still, you've got the sniper point, the chokepoint, and the open area, so s'all cool. There's mention of a possible extended version, and that's something I'd like to see, with more space to move around, more areas to go through - heck, there's certainly enough potential for it. In it's current form, I'd say a 4-6 player guns-only match would be extremely fun on this. Expand the map to something suitable for 8-12 players, and it'll be a gunner's dream.

Now, I mentioned a few tiny things that detracted from the map, that I would change. They are thus: - Music. It's a good composition, but not really suited for the map, especially considering how perfect it is for action-oriented gameplay. Something a bit pacier, yet slightly more subtle, would be perfect. - Snow. It's coming down at a dodgy angle, meaning it clips through the buildings on one side of the map. Judging from how much snow is on the ground, I'd guess that coming straight-down at a steady pace would look better for the snowfall. - Skybox. Hoth would have looked way better.

So, as far as quick "throw-together" projects go, this one's cool (no pun intended).

If you like city maps, grab this. If you like winter maps, grab it. If you like snow, see a psychiatrist; rainbows are prettier. >_>

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: Yes Custom Music: Yes Custom Textures: No Custom Models: No

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Christmas At City6B
AUTHOR: ZidZabre (Elder Ma'Zid)

FILENAME: Christmas_at_city6b.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 7th December 2006

New music: YES
New sounds: NO
BotRoutes: YES

CREDITS: Square-Enix for the the music "People of the North Pole" From the FFX OST

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the PK3 in GameData\base\ folder.

DESCRIPTION: Well i know this map does not look really christmas like..
it was just meant to be a new dark city map...but since its december i added snow to it :D

BUGS: No known bugs...

COMMENTS: So i decided to threw this together pretty quick just to test out some mapping ideas..
It wasnt really meant to be a map... but i compilied it neways.
its not very big though..and i might make an extended version of it later...


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