Christmas Jawa!

Well, Christmas has passed and I'm sure all of you got what you wanted! Well, maybe that was just me... >_>

Anyways, here we have a re-sk...


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Well, Christmas has passed and I'm sure all of you got what you wanted! Well, maybe that was just me... >_>

Anyways, here we have a re-skin of the default Jawa skin. Although, there is one difference: It's a Santa/Christmas version! It looks like Santa fell into a pool of toxic waste, because he's become a horrid little monster! Or is it cute?

The first thing you'll notice about this re-skin is the multiple add-on's to the body. The author decided to add a green belt , and green gloves. To be honest, It looks decent. The snowflakes on the skin aren't to bad looking, but they could be better. When I think Santa Jawa, I picture one in a Santa outfit. That's it. Attempting to make anything else Santa-related usually doesn't work out.

I'd also like to make all of you aware of the team skins and npc versions. They aren't to different from the default skin, except for a few color switches and a robe add-on. They aren't to bad looking if I must say so myself. There's two NPC Santa types that come along with this skin: One is a good one, and the other is evil. The npc names are as followed:

/model jawa_santa (Good version)

/model jawa_santa_evil (Bad version)

I was disappointed when I found out there wasn't any sound file changes. I half expected the author to at least add a Santa sound file with a taunt saying, ''Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!'' or something of that nature. But, there was no changes sadly. Nevertheless, that can always be changed in a version two.

Overall, this isn't a bad re-skin of the Jawa. Although, the author should of submitted this on Christmas (Unless he didn't start on it until after that is.) I recommend you add new sound files if you decide to make a version two of this skin. This is definitely worth a download if you want a change with the Jawa!

New Sounds: Nay (Sadly) Team Support: Aye Bot Support: Aye NPC Support: Aye


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Download '' (3.12MB)

xx                          xx
xx      CHRISTMAS JAWA!     xx
xx            BY            xx
xx      LUCKYMOONBOY1       xx
xx                          xx
Jedi knight III: jedi knight academy

Title: Christmas jawa npc/skin/bot
Author: Alexander Bulin (Luckymoonboy1)
filename: christmas_jawa.pk3
file size: 2.37 MB

New textures: yes
new models: no (tis just the jawa)
new sounds: no
Team support: yes
bot support: yes
npc support: yes

installation: put the christmas_jawa.pk3 into your  /gamedata/base/ directory.

Description: hope you've been good this year, beacause Santa Jawa is coming to town. this is a jawa reskin, of santa. it is not perfect but it is Christmas and i want it released for the holidays. there are two npcs, jawa_santa and Jawa_santa_evil the jawa_santa is good jawa santa, while the other thinks you have been bad this year. i find that the npc is not hard  my training hologram wooped it butt when pitted against it. this is actualy part of the JKA Holiday mod, but not everyone has massive bandwidth to devote to a large mod, so if anyone just wants to play with small jawas dressed like santa and doesn't have a large amount of time or bandwidth to devote to download here is a present from jawa santa. so i let jawa loose  to wreak havoc. have fun with santa.

comments: hmm, so much to say, there will be a version 2 someday, if i ever get the time to resume my jawa master responsibilities. and igg, i really didn't think it would be this large of file, ouch.

link to mod site:


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