Chryonic's Sabers & Lightning (v2.0) Final

My review of the first version of this mod: I'll admit, that screenshot of the sabers is a bit too bright. But y'know, the sabe...


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My review of the first version of this mod:

I'll admit, that screenshot of the sabers is a bit too bright. But y'know, the sabers are bright! That's the only difference I noticed in the blue saber. It's just blinding. The green saber seems to match the lightning that's included in this pack. It has more of a teal color to it. The orange and yellow sabers haven't changed much. The purple saber's core looks thinner and the red saber has a firey orange glow. So it's kind of a weird saber mod. The only consistancy I see between sabers is that they're all brighter.

Now the lightning mod I kinda like. I suppose I like the idea of color-coodinating your saber with your lightning. In fact, I'm surprised no one's made a mod like that yet. Anyway, all that I noticed about the lightning is the color change. There are no new sounds. So, if you're a fan of mini-mods, check this one out. Maybe you'll like the changes made with the sabers and the color of the lightning.

I suppose I didn't really need to take screenshots of the sabers myself, since the author included some greats screens already. However, I did want to show you guys the sabers side-by-side so you could see how different two of them are. And I don't really understand why that is. The orange saber has texture, while none of the others do. And the red saber (maybe the yellow one too) seems to have a thinner core. I have no idea if that was intentional or not. But anyway, the sabers do look great - and I'm not one for saber mods. :P The trails are very cool and that's what Chryonic seems to focus on. I think the author succeeds in keeping this mini mod that includes matching lightning simple and understated. This final version is much better than your first. Great job. :)


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Download '' (1018KB)

Chryonic's sabers & Lightning. v.2 Final

What it is:

	This is a small mini-mod that will change your saber color and/or lightning color. 
	It doesnt include any new sound effects or new moves.

Additional Information:

	This is the second and last version of my mini-mod, the previous version had only 1 lightning color and no custom saber trails. 
	Also the saber colors have completly changed they aren't as bright as the first version.
	I had an older version of it a long time ago. I changed my name meanwhile so don't think that i am a ripper or something ;). 
	I finnaly figured out how to change the Saber trails, but after all the test the most simple solution turned out to be the best.
	I made several lightning colors so they match the Saber colors. You can choose wich one you want to use.


	Just put the desired Pk3 file(s) in the Base directory Usually "C:/Lucasarts/JediknigtAcademy/Gamedata/Base/" 
	Adding more then 1 lightning color doesn't have any effect. I strongly advice you only to put 1 lightning pk3 in your base, 
	i dont know if it will crash the game on your pc.


	Simply remove the listed pk3 files from your base. 

This Zip contains:

	Chryonic_Sabers.pk3 -----> (in this zipfile you can find 6 lightning pk3's each has it's own color)
	2 Screenshots

Known Bugs:

	Not that i have noticed.
Authors Command: 

	Thanks for downloading my file, i hope like you it.

Made by: 

Chryonic (Chronix)

website: (Dutch)

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