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Who can fix a broken mirror just by looking at it? Who drank 27% of the water on the Earth's surface, reducing it's total water coverage fro...


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Who can fix a broken mirror just by looking at it? Who drank 27% of the water on the Earth's surface, reducing it's total water coverage from 98% to 71%? And who's the guy who can make two wrongs make a right? Who can smell carbon monoxide? Who is the legendary slayer of chicken-ninjas everywhere?

Well, actually, that last one is Mudkip, but the rest are the one and only Chuck Norris. There. I got all the memes out of the way. Now let's have a meme-free comments page. Okay, wewt!

Now, this skin is based on Major Clod's Indiana Jones, which one would've thought wouldn't be a perfect template for the Chuckster given that it looks like Harrison Ford. One would've been spectacularly wrong.

First we'll start with the face. Here you have it, proof that 80% of a face's detailing is in the textures, as there isn't a whole lot of Indy in here. To say this looks like "The Man" would be an understatement. It's as close as you're going to get without a dedicated model, and with JA's detail levels a dedicated model would be pointless since it'd look the same anyway (aside from the outfit).

Let's move on to the textures. Not as much glowing praise here, I'm afraid, as the torso texture in particular is somewhat low-resolution. It wouldn't show so much from a distance, but the badge, that is so obviously low-res it hurts. The detailing on the hat isn't much better, but long-range, you won't notice that. The textures for the shirt and pants suffer from this, albeit to a lesser degree. Aside from the belt, it doesn't show so much here, and the shirt looks fairly natural despite the obvious blurring overkill.

There's custom sounds, which are fine enough for their purpose. No other extras, unfortunately.

For the Chuck Norris fans, this is one you've been waiting for. Download, download, download. I'm keepin' it myself, not out of Chuck Norris fandom but mostly because I tend to like more "real world" models and skins.

And by the way, my prior threat about memes still stands. Any more memes on this page, the Norris Roundhouse will be the least of your worries, I'll unleash my own brand of whoop-ass in the form of the Harris Uppercut Special. Don't say you didn't have fair warning!


~ Kouen

Bot Profiles: Nah NPC Profiles: Nah Team Colors: Uh huh. Custom Sounds: Yeah

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Download '' (2.22MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Chuck Norris

FILESIZE: 2.26mb
DATE RELEASED: 4th April 2008

CREDITS**: Huge credit has to go to Major Clod for his Indiana Jones model which I skinned to look like Chuck, I made several attempts to contact Major Clod via email but it seems his email addresses no longer exist, his readme states that I was to include the Indiana Jones readme, credit him and email him informing him of his work being used since he said would like to see how other people have used his work so I have made all the necessary requirements apart from informing him via email which seems to be impossible sadly. According to the JK3Files plagiarism policy this file should be fine to submit as long as I show evidence that I have made an attempt to contact Major Clod, which I have presented to Inyiri Forge. Thank you to everyone at the (JAWA) and FileFront forums for their suggestions, criticism and comments. Also a big thank you to Valtar AKA Dark Jedi for helping me with the screenshots.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Simply open the .zip file and move the .pk3 file inside the .zip to your games base folder. When in game simply choose the Chuck Norris icon or do /model Chuck

DESCRIPTION**: Chuck Norris is probably most famous for his Walker Texas Ranger series which lasted around 8 years, he is widely known around the internet as a super being who can do absolutely anything with his fists. Chuck has had many outfits so I had to decide which one to go for and I decided to go with the look you see in the screenshots which (as far as I know) was used in several episodes.

BUGS: None as far as I can see, however if there are any bugs please email me and I will fix them immediately.

COMMENTS: Please feel free to share your honest opinions as brutal as they may be, I would like to work on possibly a version 2 so any suggestions would be great. I know Chuck has been requested quite a few times on the FileFront forums so I am sure this will make a few people happy :).


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