City of Darkness

This is a FFA map by -TR-Dragonslayer. The map is a recreation of a small city at nighttime, patterned after an older style of architecture....


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This is a FFA map by -TR-Dragonslayer. The map is a recreation of a small city at nighttime, patterned after an older style of architecture. It's hard to place it from one time period, as several periods are included in the design (mixture of electric and gas lighting).

This map was very picturesque. Some parts of the map were probably useless in an FFA (namely the back alleys), but the courtyard/marketplace and canal compensates for that. When I first spawned in and was running between the houses and buildings, it occurred to me that this had the beginnings of a good CTF map. With some more upper and lower rooms in the houses for sniper nests and two bases, this would be a lot of fun. The marketplace would be a no-mans-land, while the back alleys allowed for alternate routes. There was only a few bugs that I came across, and that was a leak in the far corner of the map (if north is when you're in the market facing towards the river, it'd be the northeast corner) and another at the north west corner of the canal.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1. Weapon placement was good.

Cons: 1. Leaks. 2. No music. 3. FFA only. 4. Pickups were scattered haphazardly.

Rating: 8/10

Bot Support: No. New Textures: Yes. New Sounds/Music: No. Game Types: FFA.

JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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Download '' (4.9MB)

Jedi Accademy: City of Darkness

Map Name : City of Darkness
Author : -<TR>-Dragonslayer
Email Address :

Map description: the map is set into an old city by night. so it is a dark map. (you was expecting a superbright map? with a name like that?)
there are guns so it is good for if you want some good old gun ffa. but also enough open spaces for duels.
the map is just a v1.0 I did have a lot beta testing so I hope I fixed most bugs. but I will probaly release a 2.0 version in some time with more bugs fixed.(if I can find them) and maby some better textures and lightning.

also there is no music file because it made the file size loads bigger and wanted to keep it 56k friendly. (even it is already 5mb big. else it would be 10mb with the music file I had first) so if you realy want to music you can always contact me about it. but most people use there own music anyway.

Credits to :
BerneyBoy for the photorealistic texture pack I used for the map.
The people on because they where always willing to help when I had a problem with my map.
the guys from -<TR>- wo helped me beta testing and finding the bugs :D
and everyone else wo helped me but wo I forgoted to mention in this readme.

aditional Information

Bot Support: No (will add it later)
New Textures: Yes
New Music: Yes
Game Types: FFA

Filename: CityofDarkness.pk3
Filesize: 9,64mb
Brush Count : about 6500
Software used : GTK Radiant
Known Bugs : None on the moment. (if you find any pleace send me a email)
Build Time : more then 2 months

extract the .zip file to your base folder or manualy place the pk3 file in your base folder. so simple is it :D

Copyright / Permissions
you are free to send this map to everyone you want. but pleace don't chance anything in the pk3 file without my permision.


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