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Finally, we have a good administration mod that isn't JA+ or lugormod. Presenting, Clan Mod! The new, and improved Jedi Academy administrati...


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Finally, we have a good administration mod that isn't JA+ or lugormod. Presenting, Clan Mod! The new, and improved Jedi Academy administration mod. For Clan Mod, the goal is security, and as such, it differs from those other mods slightly. I will first point out the things that this has fixed that JA+ doesn't have.

First off, it has flood protection on by default! Mind you, this is not the regular This means that nobody can make you crash by spamming you with messages. But, you can crash yourself. So have fun with that. There is also improved chat protection! This was actually one of the first things that I tested. While in JA+ you can kill someone who is in chat and has absorb, or another light side power, you cannot do that in this mod. Chat protection is much better in this mod. It even applies in duels! So no more chatkilling!

Then, there's the reworked grapple. Sure, it doesn't have it's own custom model, but it's much better. First off, there is actually an animation that is played when you throw the grapple ''hook''. And secondly, there's actually a rope sound that plays when you're throwing it! And, also, you would think that when you grapple onto someone that you would follow them, correct? In JA+, it doesn't do that. In Clan Mod, it does! Sure, there is no swinging like you're able to do in JA+, but that might come in a later release.

Moving onto the next thing, Admin! now, brace yourselves, there are five levels of admin. That's right, FIVE! And they're all customisable with a nifty bitvalue generator that is included with the mod. So yay, five levels of admin to use! I know that gives clans a little more freedom with admin, so you might like that facet of this mod. Now, there aren't as many admin commands as in JA+, but I can say that they are just a potent! First off is freeze, which literally freezes your character in mid-air! There are a few commands, such as scale, which let you change the size of your model! Hm, let me think...There is also splat, which in essence slaps you into the air and then you fall and die. There's a rather funny thing that goes along with this. If you put chat up, you bounce! But you can't do anything but bounce. Another commands is /lockname, which keeps a player from changing their name. There's silence, as well as /insultsilence, where if a player tries to speak, a random, pre-set, customizable message pops up instead. Quite funny, actually. There is a command to grant admin, as well. But as far as I could tell you're only able to grant the lowest level of admin.

There are emotes, but there aren't as many as in JA+, thankfully. The few that there are just taken from regualr Jedi Academy. Oh! One of the things that a lot of you people will LOVE is the auto chat color option. What does this mean, you ask? You set a color, and all your chat comes out in that color! And among other things in this mod, you have a black saber, which isn't really black, it has a white core and a black edge. I think it looks cool. There is also the pimp saber from the OJP project, which goes through all of the saber colors, which is cool. There is also RGB saber and character support!

Okay, now onto the actual clan part of the clan mod. So know how people always have their clan information in the message of the day? Well, this mod gives another outlet for that. There's a clan section for the mod, that takes up a spot on the menu bar. It contains the clans name, initials, recruiting status, whether they lame or not, as well as other information, so you can start putting different stuff in the message of the day! Also, now you don't have to wear those cumbersome clan tags! Clan mod has a slot just for your clan! So your name can go without the clan tags now! There's also a clan member login! However, there currently isn't clan tag protection, but we can look forward to it in the next version!

Am I done? No. There are now four, count them, FOUR, duel types. There is melee dueling, full force dueling, training duels, and regular duels. Melee duels are just what you think, melee duels, you get 200 health and your fists. Can anyone say: ''Boxing match?''. I'm sure you all know what a full force duel is. So I won't explain what that is. The next one is the training duel. You take no damage in this duel type. None. It's meant for training. But, you can end it whenever you want.

And now for the best part, this mod is server side! You don't need it to play on a server that has it! However, most of the things, such as the clan menu, you can't see without the add-on. And fortunately, It's included in the download! Both server and client versions for this mod are included in the download! And wait, that's not all! The Linux version is also included! I hope that this mod comes to replace JA+, or at least be put up onto many servers. I have had a couple of people come onto a server that I hosted, and they all liked the mod! I would just like to say that this is an excellent mod.


The author has also provided MAC support separately, it has not been tested, so it is not clear if it will work or not. You can download the mac version here.

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Download '' (5.62MB)

TITLE = Clan Mod v1.0 




RELEASE DATE = 5/24/06 





DESCRIPTION = An MP mod made server side, with some optional client side things. 
The main goal of this mod is SECURITY! I made absolutly sure that there are no 
glitches, errors, or any ways of hacking. However, DOS multiple IP attacks are 
possible, but will not crash the server, so you are still safe. Administration 
levels are available, and customization of them is possible also. 

==== MOD FEATURES === 
- Grappling hook 
- Melee kataa has different moves then basejka 
- Can walk through duelists 
- 5 levels of administration 
- BitValue admin levels 
- Emotes / Player Commands / Administration Commands
- Multiple duel types (force, saber, melee, training) 
- Basejka MP fixes 
- Jetpacks 
- Custom chat colors 
- A /help option 
- Center screen MOTD 
- A player status /who command 
- Clan tags seperated from real names 
- Auto-login as admin or clan member 
- Showing or hiding the center screen MOTD 
- MP menu changes
- RGB sabers 
- RGB characters 
- Server/Clan info available in game 
- Custom Team-Chat modes (admin, clan, team) 
- PIMP saber available (OJP mod) 
- Cvar server controls
- Auto changing sabers
- Chat flood protection for non-flood protected servers
- Source code available! 

To install the JK3 mod Clan Mod, you must first update to the newest JK3 patch.;20459 
If you have windows, just simply click on Clan Mod.exe and point it to your GameData folder. 
However, if you are planning on installing on Linux, you must follow Instructions_2.txt file. 

====== SUPPORT ======

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