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Classic Trilogy Lightsabers

In case you missed the first version of this file: The first thing I thought when I the poly count on some of these sabers was WHOA!...


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File Description

In case you missed the first version of this file:

The first thing I thought when I the poly count on some of these sabers was WHOA! I've made player models with fewer polies. The point of keeping saber hilt models low poly is two-fold - most of the time smoothing groups on, say, eight sides will look the same as smoothing groups on sixteen sides. Secondly, you hardly ever see the hilt up close enough to even see the detail. On the first saber I counted roughly a 24-sided cylinder. The first question that comes to mind is: "Why"?

The other thing I noticed about these hilts is that, while there is a lot of detail in the model, there's not nearly as much detail in the skin, so much of the detailing in the model will go unnoticed. For such high-poly models, they should also have high-detail textures to make full use of this extra detail in the model. This is not the case here. It seems like the skins rely mostly on the included shaders for their looks. However honestly I think the chrome shaders are way over the top. Those sabers must've been polished for hours!

Overall the models are very good, if just a little over the top, but the models and skins are not proportional to each other in detail, and this makes the hilts not quite as good as they could be. However if you're a detail freak, these hilts will probably be right up your alley.

In this version there are a few slight changes. Most notably among these changes are a softened shader and a texture change to the Ben saber (this adds another saber which has a more weathered look). I still must agree with my original review that the quality of the models far surpasses the quality of the textures, leaving them with something to be desired.

However this time we also have included single-player menu support, so if you would like to use this hilts in single-player you can! Definitely a nice little bonus to add.

Make sure to check the original file for screenshots of the other hilts!


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Jedi Academy Modification: Custom Lightsaber Pack

Title: Classic Trilogy Lightsabers 2.0
Author: Khaliban
E-Mail: Khaliban@wi.rr.com

File Name: classic_sabers2.pk3
File Size: 1.2Mb
Construction Time: many hours
Date Released: 3/12/2006
Type: Custom Saber

Installation Instructions

1) Extract the *.pk3 into the GameData\base\ directory


I learned how to make more detailed hilts and add shaders and wanted to redo my Luke Skywalker saber.  I wound up making all the classic trilogy sabers.  The polygon count got a little away from me.  The total count is:

Luke : 1738
AnakinESB : 2796
Ben : 3076
Vader : 3350

By popular demand, I have softened the shaders and added a weathered Ben saber.  Same model as the original but with different textures.  Included are single player menu files conveniently in their own pk3.  classic_sabers.pk3 contains only the models and shaders.  single_player.pk3 contains only the single player menus.


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