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Rawr! It's me again! And this time I have a skin that will overwrite the default Kyle skin.

So what is it? Take Kyle, cloak him, and thi...


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Rawr! It's me again! And this time I have a skin that will overwrite the default Kyle skin.

So what is it? Take Kyle, cloak him, and this is what you get. Sort of like a ghost Kyle. Why? Well, apparently the author was getting sick of seeing all the Kyles around in servers when they did not have the other player's skins. So this was created to make something a little more mysterious, to break up the annoyance of constantly seeing Kyles.

As it is what it is, there is really little to say about it. It's nice for a change, but the skins are now mostly see-through, which can make playing the game a bit annoying in certain bright areas where the white on the skin blends in to the surroundings...

If you want a change and like how this sounds, give it a download.


Team Support: Yes (Same as the main skin) Bot Support: Default Kyle NPC Support: Default Kyle New Sounds: No

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Download '' (1000KB)

A Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy Modification

-= Short Info:
This mod replaces the default Kyle model in MP - that clones every time you don't have a model that a player is using - with a logically acceptable and more visually appealing general default model, so that there are no more hundreds of Kyles running around. Instead they are different cloaked players, whose identity is hidden from view.

-= Story:
Personal Stygium Crystal Cloaking Device

Alyass, a planet formed massively with a crystal core. Some say it is a natural wonder and a clear presentation to the unreachable power of the Force. Hidden from the galaxy for all this time, and only recently discovered by a group of unlikely jawa explorers who had crash-landed there. This planet is home to the until now rare and valuable Stygium Crystals, a resource that both the Jedi, the Republic and the remaining Sith lords seek to possess.

More importantly, with the discovery of Alyass came an uprise in technology where the old make-up of Cloaking Devices with the use of Stygium Crystals in advanced technological cities has been revisited. This improvement in Cloaking Device technology in return has led to an increase in the popularity of a new design of Personal Cloaking Devices created from the now common crystals, and traded throughout the galaxy.

The photo-sensitive reflective surface of this make of shield is such that it is not practical to use this device for the purpose of stealth in light, but it will hide one's true identity.

This day, you will find, many use this new technology around their belts to conceal their real identity from those they do not wish to be known by.

-= Features:
	* A general see-through cloaked model with SFX that overrides the default, and irritating Kyle clones.
	* An icon series designed to go with the model, to give you a logical visual feedback.
	* New sounds if you choose to play as a cloaked character.
	* Support for SP mode. Kyle will now appear to be wearing the cloaking shield at all times during the game.

-= Known Issues:
	* No team color support for this model - as the model does not have a color - although I've made team icons to match the appropriate team color used.
	* No gender support. I was originally intending to apply gender recognition to the default cloaked model - with a male and a female version - but later I've found out that JA does not support such an option, and such a script can not be attached to a model.

-= The Author:
Kenoi ([email protected])

Send me an email and let me know if you like the model, or have any questions/suggestions.

-= Final Note:
Since the 'cloaking fashion' replaces the default Kyle, and if you still want to have a Kyle Katarn in your player model collection, I suggest you download HapSlash's excellent Stealth Jedi Gear Kyle Katarn model.

Make sure you only use the 'kyle_sjg.pk3' file, and DO forget about the 'kyle_sjg-sp.pk3'!

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