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Clone Commander Keller

Behold, straight from Movie Battles II (with permissions, of course) comes Clone Commander Keller, created jointly by Mars Mar...


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Behold, straight from Movie Battles II (with permissions, of course) comes Clone Commander Keller, created jointly by Mars Marshall, HapSlash, and =Someone=, and converted by *VaS*Axl. Wow, can't even fit three of them in the dev name slot, let alone all four. Oh my.

To my understanding, Keller is a character from the Star Wars Republic comic series - never heard of that particular series, but there's a lot of things we don't get in Britain (and you American's can keep them, we have our own crap floating about and don't need yours :o). Keller commanded the Republic forces on Toola. Say, how many SW comics are there, anyway? Still, I shouldn't be surprised. People are even producing Heroes and Doctor Who comics, for the love of....

Ahem. Right, since half a review is wasted, here's the niggles. The black robes, little too dark to see the detail, but that's because it's always hard to see detailing on black textures. This doesn't impact the quality of the texturing, however it does make it look more basic than it is at a distance, so sometimes it may not get the credit deserved. Personally, I'm thinkin' gray should be used instead of black, in the 40% to 60% range (with 0% being white and 100% being black) - brighten it up just a smidge.

The textures don't line up seamlessly in all places, but they'll seam in at least one place on a model no matter what you do - why does this get a mention? Were the seams avoidable? No, they're unavoidable in this case, but they're hidden so damn well I didn't see them until looking at the extra texture files, and no way would 3DS Max ever be smart enough to flawlessy hide seams automatically - so a shout of kudos goes out to our triumvirate of creators for UVW map manipulation.

Naturally, be warned that since this guy a) has a cloak and b) is wearing robes over armor, you'll get clipping. That's unavoidable in a technical sense, because Raven's animations leave a good deal to be desired. So it's not really a flaw, more an unavoidable circumstance. But if you don't like models that clip, not only are you too fussy but you also have fair warning that this model will have clipping issues.

Nothing up there that can really be avoided, and the rest of the model is certainly more than par. Good work to Mars, Haps, and =Someone=, and on behalf of the Clonetrooper fans out there, thanks go out to Axl for going through the red tape to covert this for the base'rs.

So. If you want a new guy to lead your Clonetroopers into battle, get this dude in ur base. Just watch 'im closely. He might start killin' ur d00ds.

~ Kouen

Bot Profiles: No NPC Profiles: No Team Colors: Yes [b]Custom Sounds: Yes

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Model's Name            : Commander_Keller
Authors                 : Mars Marshall, Hapslash, =Someone=, converted by *VaS*Axl
Skin's description      : 

This is a conversion of the Commander Keller model from the MovieBattles II mod. I have been granted permission by =Someone= to re-release it for base JA.

This is Clone Commander Keller, commander of the republic forces on Toola, from Star Wars Republic Issue #79.

* Construction *
Base                    : Mars Marshall, Hapslash, =Someone= Commander Keller model for MBII
Editor used             : Paint Shop Pro 7, Modview, Notepad, Microsoft Photo Editor
Known Bugs              : None
Build/Animation time    : 1 week

CTF Support: Yes
SP Support: No
BOT Support: No
Custom Sounds: No (ClonesVM sounds)

* How to use this model *

Extract Commander_Keller.pk3 to your JA base folder.

* Copyright / Permissions *

This file is not to be modified in any way without the permision of it's creators. Please contact me beforehand.

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