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I must apologize for something here. While I am a fan of Star Wars - the movies, the games - and I have other notably geeky interests, I don...


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I must apologize for something here. While I am a fan of Star Wars - the movies, the games - and I have other notably geeky interests, I don't believe I am quite the calibur of geekiness that I'd need to be to tell you how accurate a clone model is. They all look the same to me! There are probably several little details and nuances that I don't notice, nor will I ever, because I simply don't care to know that much about any character in Star Wars. Well, except maybe Han Solo. Who, by the way, totally shot first. Anyway, this is a skin of the Clone Trooper by Izzy. Izzy always makes great skins and these skins are no exception.

Not only is there bot support and team support, but several other skins were included as well. As I said, I'm not exactly a connoisseur of clones, so I'm not sure how great these are compared to other clones, but I like 'em.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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31st December 2004
Clone Trooper for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Created by Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde
Build Time: Foreva
File Size: 5 MB
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
	       A Potato

This is my representation of the AOTC film Clone Trooper. After months of emails regarding this particular skin i have finaly completed it to the quality i thought the model that Kapnkeg created deserved.

This skin was originally built for my last Survival Mod and i never realy intended to release them seperately with there already being about 24 different models and skins for it, but SOOOOOOOOOOOO many people emailed me asking to finish it as it was currently superior to other more popular clones i decided to perfect it and release.

The original model is still the most acurate representation of the clone trooper that has been released but the skin was lacking in the helmets and on parts of the body armour. I have totaly reworked the skins, and added full shader support by making specular and environment shaders the the entire armour including mirroring the visor on the helmet.

There are 8 thats right 8 variants all of those seen in AOTC (including clone pilot) as well as a few bonus ones that were inspired by SW: Battlfront, all of which have bot, NPC and team support.

Finally please be aware that they were specifically made to be MOVIE representations and not inspired by the Clones in the Clone Wars cartoons. No skirts for these troopers =oP


8 skins
New Textures
New Shaders
New sounds
Bot support
Team support
NPC Support

Known Issues



Add the izzy_clones.pk3 to your jediknight "base" directory usually found in:
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base
To uninstall just bung it in ya recycle bin

Special Thanks

Kapnkeg for allowing me to alter his model for my Survival Mod. All the support sent to me via email.

And finally to my little Princess, i love ya little lady X X X

Lucasarts, Raven and Activision do NOT support the use of this file in any way
and neither they, nor i will be held responsable for errors it causes!!

I have run extensive tests and i have encountered no problems in using
this file apart from the ones stated above!!!

Robin Molde 2004

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