Clone Wars Cartoon Model Pack

Here we have a model pack, consisting of 15 models from the Clone Wars. Right, we've had ARC Troopers, a great Dooku, even a Grievous, so wh...


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Here we have a model pack, consisting of 15 models from the Clone Wars. Right, we've had ARC Troopers, a great Dooku, even a Grievous, so what's special about this pack? They are, ladies and gentlemen, cel-shaded and look just like the real-life... actually cartoon-life counterparts! This is done rather nicely by using a small trick - texturing only one side of a face, so it looks like it is contoured from one side and it looks like it isn't from the other. Pretty clever, and it works well.

First we have quite a few Jedi, namely Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, Mace Windu, Yoda and Kit Fisto. Anakin looks pretty spiffy, with a nice-looking costume and the robotic hand, which is actually quite good :) It might not be eprfect, but it does get the job done. Obi-Wan is... strange. I don't know, his face jsut doesn't look too Obi-Wan-ish and certainly won't be my favourite, even though I like him in the miniseries. Luminara has a bug that I don't quite understand... Her cloak's front side doesn't appear in my game. It does work in ModView though... Anyway, she is exactly who she is supposed to be - Luminara Unduli. Psyk0Sith did a great job at her, it's one of my favourite models in the pack. Barriss Offee is Luminara's Padawan and appears in one or two CW episodes, along with her master. I don't know why, but it just doesn't strike me "this is Barriss Offee!" when I'm looking at the model in-game. Maybe it was because of her rather short time on screen, maybe it's just me, or maybe it is the model's fault. I'd lean towards the 3rd theory, though... Don't get me wrong, the model isn't bad! It's just that it's not clearly her. And she, by the way, has the same bug as Luminara does. Master Windu in this costume appeared in an episode devoted to him and him only, and in one or two comm transmissions. There are actually 2 versions of this skin, with and without a generic robe. The model is pretty much accurate, but... But... I'm not particularly impressed with the head, it could be thinner, I think the author could do that around the cheek area. Yoda, the little green guy with the funny quotes! He has two robe colors, a dark gray one and a tan one. I'm pretty much impressed with this little person, although the weighting is really sloppy. This model is really just like the Yoda from CW. It has the CW-esque head shape that it didn't have anywhere else. I like that one :) Then we have Kit Fisto, an another green guy, this time with an octopus on his head. He's only dressed in underwear, as portraied in an episode of CW, where he fought against the Quarren. I don't like the look on his face, he should be smiling, that's his trademark. I don't like his taunt either, but that's pretty much secondary. The model itself (except for that smile) is done rather well and you cannot possibly think it's someone else than Kit himself.

Next we have the Dark Side people! Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, General Grievous and Durge... Count Dooku is great, model-wise, I love how his goatie turned out! The clothes could be lighter, they jsut don't seem appealing to me. The cloaked variant is nice, but once again, there is a rigging problem, the little chain goes right through the robe in a weird way... Asajj, the Sith wannabe... I think she's not really new, but still, she is one of the better models in this pack. Nice, nice! The detail on this model is pretty good, considering the need for a lack of detail (animated series animators have to make the character frames as simple to draw as possible). The model is just liek the Dark Jedi I know :) Grievous next! I'm don't like the skin colors (too dark), or the face (looks like a human face enclosed in metal, the chin shouldn't really be pointed down THAT much), but I absolutely love the legs, I've never seen anything simmilar on a JA model, and wow, it totally fits in. Durge, the weird-looking octopusy...thingy. Now here I'm sure I've seen him already, released on his own. Poor Durge. Oh well, the model you ask? It's just like what you would imagine, and that is a good thing! He is bulky, jsut like the CW Durge was, and is really one of the best models in this pack.

And last, but certainly not least, come the soldiers... A pink battle droid and a super battle droid for the CIS, and a Clonetrooper and an ARC Trooper for the good guys, the Republic. A battle droid... hm... And it's the pink, post-Geonosis variant. It's also one of the best models in the pack (I might say that ít is the best one) It is detailed, and looks just like it should, with everything working and functional. I love this model. Next, the SBD. The model is very nice and clean, but I don't like the sounds. A bit too high-pitched. I think they do come from Episode III, but I still don't like them. The model is great otherwise, almost perfect :) And now my favourite troopers of all times... Yeah, I do like Clonetroopers :) The model is very, very nice, but the clipping! That's really one of the few weak points of this pack... Now the independent Clonetroopers, the ARC Troopers. They are very, very, very nice and they are my favourites, along with the BD. They don't look like ARC Troopers, they are ARC Troopers! While the model is perfect, parts of the model clip through each another, due to the weighting. Shame, really.

To sum it up, most of the models are pretty good, and I do like them. The sounds are not bad either, but there are a few soundsets I don't really like, the SBD one for example. Then there is the weighting. That really downgraded the pack alot, so I would surely try to improve in that. Clipping just isn't appealing.

I hope you'll make more of these, this time with better weighting ;)

PS: For an even more complete CW Cartoon experience, use the new lightsaber blades included in the Zip.

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Title: Clone Wars "Cartoon" Player Models Pack

Models:    Psyk0Sith & monsoontide (provided Asajj and Durge)
Textures:  Psyk0Sith & Omeewan (textured obi-wan and clone troopers)
Sounds:    Psyk0Sith
Icons:     Qui-Rom aka Dark Cuillere
CW Blades: Soul Blade

File Names: Psk0-CWext.pk3/Psk0-CWmodels.pk3/Psk0-CWnpc.pk3/psk0-CWcartoonblades.pk3/Psk0-CWsounds.pk3
File Size: 15.6 MB
Release Date: 11/26/2005


This pack features the main characters (15 of them) from the cartoon network tv series Clone Wars. All in cel-shaded style or 
at least the closest thing that can be done with this game engine. 

The game models and textures in this pack are copyrighted to Psyk0Sith, Monsoontide (and Omeewan), (c) 2004, 2005
*Durge and Asajj Ventress made by Monsoontide, Obi-Wan & Troopers textured by Omeewan.* Used by permission.

This pack contains sound samples from the clone wars cartoon tv series, characters and sounds are copyrighted to:
Lucasfilm Ltd. © 2005 Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. or Lucasfilm Ltd. & ® or ™ as indicated. All rights reserved.

Available Models Are:

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Anakin Skywalker
Arc Troopers
Clone Troopers
Mace Windu
Kit Fisto
Luminara Unduli
Barriss Offee

Count Dooku
General Grievous
Asajj Ventress (by monsoontide)
Durge (by monsoontide)
Super Battle Droids
Battle Droids

Polycounts: Varying from 1500 (3000 when cel-shaded) to 4500
Team Skins: Yes
Bots: Yes
NPC's: Yes
Custom Sounds: Yes

LOD support - Nope

Additional Player Selections

1.Spwaning NPC's
With cheats activated, type the following to load the desired character:

/npc spawn cw_anakin

Here's the full list:

Friendly NPC's:

cw_arctrooper   (red skin by default)
cw_arctrooper_b (blue skin)
cw_arctrooper_y (yellow skin)
cw_arctrooper_g (green skin)

Enemy NPC's:


-The "light" side npc's will be your team mates by default, naturally dark side will be enemies. If you want them to change sides 
simply add "2" at the end, like so:

/npc spawn cw_anakin2
/npc spawn cw_dooku2 

2.Loading capes,robes and additional skins

Some models have capes or robes available:

/model cw_dooku/robe
/model cw_grievous/robe
/model cw_windu/robe
/model cw_yoda/robe (color change only)

The arc clone troopers have 2 additional skins available:

/model cw_arctrooper/green
/model cw_arctrooper/yellow


-If you get a warning such as NPC file too large, make sure you are running JA+.

-Regular Blades will be replaced by cartoon style blades, if you want to use regular blades: 
remove "Psk0-cwcartoonblades.pk3" from your base folder.

Special thanks go to:

Tim 'Spacemonkey' Appleby: the pioneer of JK2 character compiling.

monsoontide: For his contribution: Asajj Ventress and Durge models, used by permission.

Omeewan: For the support and texture work (Obi-wan and the Clone troopers)

Soul Blade: The man behind Clone Wars Mod!, i wouldnt have done the model pack without the project.

Razor Ace: Played a big part in the "resurrection" of this project, you inspired me to go on!

Qui-rom: Took care of the icons, and kept bugging me about a Grievous model, and i'm glad he did! ;).

And of course Raven Software and LucasArts Entertainment Company for making this great game!

Comments : Installation Instructions: Simply extract the pk3 file from the zip into your GameData/Base folder 



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