Cloud City



I reckon everyone who has seen the original trilogy will remember cloud city, and anybody who even vaguely remembers JK2 will recognise some of the texture themes and style in this map. You’ll find a fair few places of recognition when you explore around; I think the most noticeable area for me was that dining room where Han has his little spat with Vader, but there are also the classic landing pads and curved corridors. However, this is definitely a role-playing map, as the layout doesn’t really allow for a proper-FFA - it has too many corridors going off in all different directions, and you have to traverse a fairly long distance to get between areas.

On the theme of shadowing, I think I’ll talk about the lighting next. On the whole it was fairly consistent, and most areas had reasonable sources, even though in places light was coming from nowhere, and for the outside sections the sky light was far too orangey. I think the main problem here though, is that it looks as though the author has reduced his ‘lightmapscale’ or ‘gridsize’ settings when compiling the map, which has resulted in rather jagged shadowing, and a general lack of definition from specific sources. There’s also, the horrible bespin sky, but fortunately the custom one here isn’t quite as horrible as the default one that Raven used in their original map. The buildings in it actually look rather nice, and the shadowing on them is also of a nice definition compared with the map itself :) Other extras included some JK2 model conversions, such as the Lando statue, which was particularly fitting. And also some not-so-fitting things, such as the logos advertising LDJ's site/workgroup.

This map does perform extremely well in the architectural section though, with plenty of nice brush detailing, curves, and features of interest, combined with some nice moving entities and tidbits, such as the opening armoury :) There were a few areas where the quality dropped a little however, and the chandelier model-things had such an awful texture on them, which spoiled the areas in which they were located somewhat. There were also some floating objects between the upper and lower walkways outside, and at the door to the Falcon (Which, you can’t go in by the way – “Boo, Hiss! ;) ) And, there’s also a rather unfortunate bug too – when on the high walkway looking down to the lower one, if you turn around and jump off the other side, you can land on the invisible floor and walk around the underside of the map. The duel arena was nice though – I won’t comment on the amusement of the announcer voice in case it was recorded by who I think might have recorded it ;) – but the idea works well and the engineering was good….until it broke and the retracting pieces went out of sync… ;) The lifts were also very classy – A bit more lighting on the walls might have been in order when they were moving though, I couldn’t tell they were moving at first.

It’s cloud city, how can you not enjoy it? The map isn’t a real gameplay fest though, and to my utmost horror, no bot support was included, yet for Nostalgia value and simply for creating the Star-Wars universe feel, you should at least check it out.

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~




Map Name : Cloudcity

Authors : LivingDeadJedi

Email Addresses : [email protected]
WEBSITE: http://www.ldjmaps.jolt.co.uk

Music by : John Williams

Map description : A cut down version of cloud city... with a brand new texture set and some locations from the movie.. 
it includes a few new features that i havnt seen in many maps..  which would be the lift doors rotate around like the ones in the movie
if i was to critisise my own work id say the lifts might get a revamp in another version and make the lift shafts wider
ive also tried to give the map a few ways to go so its easy to lose people
but if you really want fun.. try to find the duel room and get a friend to activate the buttons while 2 people fight in the centre

extra note: In game if you want to use lifts  you'll find lift doors open automatically.  If you wish to activate a lift  simply press the use button.
If however there isnt a lift on your floor then simply press use outside the lift door and one should come up or down to you
*if....its in a good mood* :p

File Size (.pk3) : 31 megabytes

Date Released : a long time ago in a galaxy far far....ahem ...   march 2006


NOTES : Just trying to rid myself of my cloud city fixation LOL ive kept vast areas to a minium to provide lower end users with better FPS...
Ive also added a duel room to give some fun to the map... some areas arn't in the actually movie i added them to get away from Cloud citys texture set so its not to boring


Thanks to : Sith J Cull for once again letting me use his Falcon
Alas the same thing happened in this map
it seems when anyone else tries to compile Siths falcon with the interior anything bigger than 1 room added into the map wont work ???
Starting to think he fits in safety devices for such a thing HEHE..maybe im just going crazy ^_^ and he also made the sculpture by
the landing pad door

Eniac for making the cool skybox
DarthAlex for the voice of the announcer

Anyone who tested this map along the way - you know who you are


OH and no can of coke.....im afraid i drank it ^_^

My next map will be a CTF based map ...yeah i know back to my roots as a CTF  mapper from the old Eliteforce days
the map will be totally from scratch


* Construction *

Brush Count : Fanominal

Entity Count : off the charts

Software used : GtkRadiant v 1.4

Known Bugs : the one on ya leg right now !!!!!

Build Time : a long long time  with breaks for tea and biscuits


* How to use this map *

Put the .pk3 file in your base directory.
Presuming you've followed the default installation trajectory, it'll end up as this:
c:\program files\lucasarts\star wars jedi knight jedi academy\gamedata\base\cloudcity.pk3


* Copyright / Permissions *


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