Colonial war era ship

Ships. They get people to places over great fields of water. In times of old, they moved with the power of the winds. They moved slowly, but...


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Ships. They get people to places over great fields of water. In times of old, they moved with the power of the winds. They moved slowly, but they moved surely. They looked more or less like this one. This ship, supposed to be in the style of the colonial era, is awfully dull. The ship has two and a half decks. Deck one is the upper deck, where you can run around from pretty much bow to stern (although the masts could end up in your way, stopping your gleeful pace) and leap off the ship. Deck two is the crew quarters and the cannon room. The half a deck is the captain's quarters, complete with a bed, a table (with a VERY wrong chart on it) and a pot (I'll not say, what it's for). And that's the gist of it.

Fortunately the author admits that this is a test and asks everyone to chip in and help him/her make it better. First off, I must say the ship looks abandoned. It's almost as if the crew jumped ship the moment it got out of sight from the shore, cause the whole things seems to be in pristine condition. It needs something to show that it's been used, things like barrels for gunpowder, cannonballs, more stuff for the crew quarters and definately some lines to support the masts and sails. The shape of the ship is kinda off as well. Ships generally have curving hulls (due to the planks being steamed and bent into place), but this one has the sharpest corners I've ever seen on a sea-faring vessel. There's also the problem that the texture isn't flowing right on the outside of the ship. They should be running from front to back, not top to bottom. Oh, and the masts! They're too large in diameter and you can see through some of the faces. Not good, I tell you.

What more can I say? Search for references to use. There are thousands of photographs of recreated colonial era ships, even something newer or older will work perfectly. Heck, go watch Johnny Depp flail his arms about in a drunken stupor and you'll get plenty of references from there. Dozens of people have made 3d models of old ships, great references right there. You need to look for it, get in there and get your hands dirty. You have the time before this actually goes to use (since this is version 0.1), so use it to make it better. Good luck.

Wisdom comes with age that can't be measured.

- Jose

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Baggie's maps
 Colony wars v0.1

Made by - Sir Baggiepants

Email - [email protected]

Finished: November 2 2007

How to Install
Put the colonywars.pk3 file in your Gamedata\Base folder.

This is a ship for a map project I am currently working on. The finals maps ships will hopefully look alot better than this but I thought it might be worth submitting this. It's just a small ship with four rooms. Please give me any advice you can.

Known bugs
On a few of the cannons and on one of the poles outside of the ship a little bit of the textures won't show. But if you find anything else please E-mail it to me. (Supply a screenshot of the bug too if needed.)


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