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First of all, there's no way I could possibly get screenshots of every change that was made for these sabers. So you'll just have to deal...


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First of all, there's no way I could possibly get screenshots of every change that was made for these sabers. So you'll just have to deal with one. :P

The author made so many changes to almost all of the sabers that you now have countless ways to change your saber fighting style. And what mostly was changed had to do with the damage and speed and even the specials/katas that you perform. I'll just quote the author on the changes:

ARBITER: desann style kata changed to dual saber spin attack force protect not usable dark rage not usable

RETALIATOR: attack speed slightly increased damage slightly decreased

CONSUL: damage reduced significantly movement speed increased attack speed increased lunge changed to hilt bash (can knock people down)

ADEPT: damage reduced slightly attack speed increased kata changed to dual saber kata

PRAETOR: movement speed decreased significantly knockback scale added kata changed to 'hurricane' attack

SENTINEL: movement speed increased significantly attack speed decreased slightly damage decreased slightly yellow dfa changed to dual butterfly attack small knockback scale added

ADJUDICTATOR: changed the yellow dfa to not jump so high and move forward a bit more. Break parry bonus added lock bonus decreased significantly

DEFENDER: attack speed decreased slightly disarm bonus increased kata move changed to dual saber spin attack

FIREBRAND: lock bonus decreased parry bonus decreased movement speed decreased slihgtly attack speed decreased slightly break parry bonus significantly increased lunge attack changed to a powerful stab attack damage increased

GUARDIAN: knockack scale added butterfly changed to dual saber butterfly

AVENGER: splash radius increased attack speed decreased kata move changed to yellow kata

VINDICATOR: damaged reduced significantly attack speed increased significantly kata changed to dual saber kata

CHAMPION: damage increased by ALOT movement speed decreased significantly attack speed decreased significantly kata changed to red style kata force absorb not able to be used force grip not able to be used

VANQUISHER: transition damage increased damage scale decreased significantly large knockback scale added kata changed to 'huricane' attack

This should keep you guys busy for a while. Play with the different combinations for wielding dual sabers. There's quite a variety here and while I didn't try each saber, I'm sure the differences in each one are enough to make it feel almost like a new saber system.


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Author:		Apocalypse (aka Spector)
Email:		[email protected]
Build Time:	6 hours

This mod changes the default sabers to have different atributes and in some cases
different attacks. Each of the sabers is different from the other ones, so you get alot of
variety when using this mod. Each saber caters to a specific fighting style, so be sure
to try them all out to find the one you like best. Included in the Zip is a .txt file listing
all the changes this mod makes to the sabers. I tried very hard to get these as blanced
as I could, but if you find that one saber is alot more powerful than the others of find a
bug, then please send me an email.

NOTE: This mod is server side only, and it is meant to run with other admin mods.

Thanks To:
Raven for making the origonal sabers.

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