Here we have a small new utility that I am sure will come in very handy for plenty of people! As I am sure you have guessed from the title o...


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Here we have a small new utility that I am sure will come in very handy for plenty of people! As I am sure you have guessed from the title of the mod, this is a connection program. It is a simple executable file which you place in your gamedata folder, along with the icon file and hey presto, you have a quick and easy program that you can use to connect to any server.

This one is a little different from some other programs that you might have tried before however, in that it has five Lugormod servers already programmed in. These are; Tidal Lugormod, LOW Lugormod, IF Lugormod, The Gathering and Malachor Lugormod. All you need to do is press a number from 1-5 corresponding to the server you want, then press enter and it will connect you to that server! This is a nice feature which I am sure players of the popular Lugormod will appreciate. ;)

If you want to go to any other server, all you need to do is press 6 (for the join via IP option) press enter, and then type in the servers IP that you want to go to, press enter again and it will take you there.

Overall a small but nifty utility here which I am sure many people will find useful. Although if there are any future versions, I would suggest adding more pre-programmed server options, perhaps ones that take you to the most popular servers of each gametype. Or perhaps adding the ability to program your own favourite server IP in (perhaps your clan server) and then assign a number to it, so you can just go and connect to that server straight away without having to go ingame and do it manually.

All in all though a neat little utility here, give it a download if it will be useful for you! :)


Note: Here is a small note from the author that was included in the submission

Connex.exe is a little connection tool which allow the user to join via ip or to join 5 Lugormod servers.

On a rainy day i was bored and so i decided to write a little connection data in C++, its only a pre version but the requirements are low and it havent a load-or-login time like other connection tools.

The pack included 3 datas:

connex.exe // Connection Program(only windws, i have a linux version too, but i cant find it)

connex.ico // Icon Data

ReadMe.txt // ReadMe

You can delete the ReadMe.txt if u want, but the both connex files need to be in your ../GameData/ (there where jamp.exe is) folder. You can make a shortcut on ur desktop to start it faster.

Its very easy to use.

1st, You start it, click on connex.exe 2nd, You chose your connection (Via Menu or Via IP) 3rd, If you used menu, chose one of the five servers (type in 1 for tidal ...). If you chose IP, type in the ip with the port (ex.:

Now it will start jka automaticly and join the server.


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Download '' (128KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Connex
AUTHOR: Kimberky.Solo
E-MAIL: [email protected]

DATE RELEASED: July 16th 2008

CREDITS: The Mandalorian clan ( for beta testing.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unpack the in you ../GameData/ folder. The connex.ico is the ICON file and the connex.exe is the program, and both need to be in the same folder as jamp.exe (../GameData/). You can make a shortcut of the program on your desktop.

DESCRIPTION: This is a Connection Program which allows you to join five lugormod servers or join any server via IP. It has no load or login-time like other Connection tools or killtrackers, but it is also not professional, its only a little tool.

BUGS: There could be some small bugs. Like starting JAMP if u type an invalid digit in.


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