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This map was submitted for the Jan-Feb 2007 Mapping Contest. To see the winners, check our Contest Archives[...


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This map was submitted for the Jan-Feb 2007 Mapping Contest. To see the winners, check our Contest Archives.

Note: Due to some crediting issues, this map was considered a late entry, and as such was disqualified from competing for a finalist position. All errors have since been corrected.

The back story of this map, submitted for the intermediate level of the contest, is a certain drunken and disorderly patron has made some trouble in this ritzy cafe. This explains the toppled chairs, which I presume are all impressively made of brushwork. The brushwork in this map is excellent, shown of well by many intricate chairs, and some oddly shaped tables.

The map features lots and lots of curves, from a curved stage, to curved tables, to curved pillars, to arched windows... you get the idea. Curves are everywhere. Wood is also a predominant theme. It seems almost everything, except maybe the cushions on the couches, is made of wood. Varying types and colors of wood, which makes for nice contrast.

The map itself is perfectly sized for a good duel, and several heights of platforms (the stage, and two balconies) provide some extra space for more heated duels (should a duelist wish to escape -- coward!). There is no shortage of detail, either, so duelists beware! While you are staring at those nice tapestries you might just lose an arm.

My biggest downer on this map was the music. I love the song (The Final Summoning by Jared Hudson) but a Final Fantasy X remix does not belong in this map. It fits so poorly that when I loaded up the map I thought maybe I still had winamp on. As I've said before, just because you can include something doesn't mean you should. More suitable music would have really polished off this map.

Overall, though, it's a splendid piece. It's quite possibly the most detailed map that was received for this skill level. The author should be proud, and I certainly hope to see more work from this author in the future.

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes


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Download 'cafechic.zip' (9.65MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Cafe Chic Duel Map
Author: Iniatha Dialance
E-Mail: serviokloeth@gmail.com

Mapname: cafe-chic
Filename: cafe-chic.pk3
Filesize: 10,3 Mb 

This pk3 contains the duel map cafe chic.

Brushes: 1497
Entities 61
Supported Gametypes: Duel, Free For All

New textures: Yes
New music: Yes
New models: No
Botsupport: Yes

It's a 1 room duel map which I tried to make both appealing and playeble, 
I've also made a little outside area but this isnt acceseble and I've made it low detail to save fps.
It is mainly a duel map but I've also included ffa support for the people that feel like playing ffa on it 
but keep in mind that it is a duel map and there for has no weapons or shields and medpacks placed.

Installation instructions:
Place the pk3 in your base jka folder.

-Raven (everything included in jka that enabled me to build this map + additional textures)
-Lucasart (everything included in jka that enabled me to build this map)
-Jared Hudson (music)
-the people at the map-craft forum (advice)
-the people from the cleric clan (beta testing)

Known Bugs:
-The patches of the tables didn't line up entirely so I've tried to fix it but it's still not 100%.
-Somehow a part of the rope was nonsolid so you could fall straight through.. I've fixed this by putting a small caulk brush over it. 

The 27th of January 2007 the luxurious Hotel Chich organized a party in their Cafe.
Not a normal party but an exclusive party with Hotel Chic already being a exclusive Hotel on a Astroid flying through space 
which is only suiteble as a place to live because of the glass bubble that prevents the oxygen from flying deep into the universe.
After a night full of enjoyment and alcohol it is that the Cafe is closing and the artists are leaving but there is this 1 drunk person who is stubbornly refusing to leave the cafe to go to his room.
The management even invited him to go to the spa just so they could close down the cafe but this person just won't listen.
But everything has to get cleaned up and set for the morning breakfast which will be in 2 hours so finally the management decides to ask the guard to remove the poor person.
Will the guard manage to remove him or is this person not so drunk as he seems to be...


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