[CONTEST] Encounter Duel

This map was submitted for the Jan-Feb 2007 Mapping Contest. To see the winners, check our Contest Archives[...


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File Description

This map was submitted for the Jan-Feb 2007 Mapping Contest. To see the winners, check our Contest Archives.

This particular map, submitted for the intermediate skill level, is very large for a duel map. It consists of about a half dozen rooms, arranged in a ring, with several transparent windows that give you a sneak peak into the rest of the map. It is chalk full of weapons pick ups, making me think it was designed primarily for FFA, but it's not even available for FFA game mod, so who knows.

The map makes strong use of colored lighting, but the sources of these lights are a mystery to me. There is no cohesive texture theme throughout this map, with each room seeming to have a unique look. There are a few curves in the 'last' room, but otherwise the map has a distinctly blocky feel to it. I did, however, like the use of the dreadnought models outside of the playable area. When scaled down, it looks like a fleet of warships is approaching at a distance.

Overall it's got a lot of style issues, but with some practice I'm confident this author could produce something very worthy of our attention. Please participate in the next contest, but perhaps consider jumping down a skill level until you've gained more experience.

Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No


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Release Date:February 20, 2007
Construction time:On and off for about 1 and a half months
Compile time:(Pending)
Brush Count:344 (I know it's not a lot)

CREDITS:Only I was involved in the creation of this map and its textures.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:First, open up the zip. Then find your Jedi Academy directory, somewhere like "C:/Program Files/Lucasarts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy". Once you have, go into the Gamedata/Base directory and stick the PK3 file in there.

Description:Well, this started out near the beginning of the mapping contest. It was simple enough, but as I went, I learned a lot more about mapping. This setting is on a station orbitting a planet that has recently had a cataclysmic disaster in the planet's crust, which formed a large nebula. Afterwards, a group of survivors founded a station above the planet. Due to its relatively isolated position, is was a great hiding spot, especially for people with bounties and Jedi in chaotic times. During a war in a nearby system, several starships discovered the station, and managed to find out there were valuable people hiding there. Soon they hired Sith and Bounty Hunters to raid the station and help conquer it for their armies.

Comments:I enjoyed the production of this and hope for a v2 soon.

Bugs:I haven't found many. Please post in the comments section if you find any. I believe there are several cases of Z-fighting that I probably haven't remembered or seen, but you shouldn't find much at all. I tried to get rid of as much as I could.

Distribution Notes:

Please don't release this file UNLESS you either give me full credit OR E-Mail me. I'm fine with personal distribution, such as between small groups, but please do not release it on a hosting site without my permission.


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