[CONTEST] Unnatural Moon

contest_nozyspy_unnatural_moon.zip —


Soviet Union really run? ...The inspirations behind this map were the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Crystal Fortress from Pokemon 3 and the conspiracy theory of the 'Black Knight', a supposedly ancient alien satellite whos radio transmissions have supposed to have been picked up by various people for almost 100 years, and is supposed to have 'shadowed' Sputnik, mankinds first artificial satellite, upon its launch.Pros:

Large open map. Unusual subject matter. New music, effects and textures.Cons: Map is rather empty. Large size and use of effects may lower FPS for some people.Note: This map has been given a generalised review to avoid any biasing of the voters. All maps submitted for the contest will be fully re-reviewed after the contest has finished.

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