Corellian Jedi Colors

This mod is supposed to change one of the jedi_hm torso options to be green and white, as is worn by Corellia Jedi such as Corran Horn. Whoa...


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This mod is supposed to change one of the jedi_hm torso options to be green and white, as is worn by Corellia Jedi such as Corran Horn. Whoa whoa, hold the presses. Now I don't ever remember seeing Corran Horn in a green and white Jedi robe. Green and white is the colors of CorSec, and no where that I can remember did he ever translate that to his Jedi robes. Most of the more well-known images of Horn as a Jedi in fact show him in all green (a yellow-green base with darker green trim). Personally I never liked the look anyway. It made him look like Robin Hood in tights. That's my beef with Corran as "Mister nifty Jedi", though, not with this skin. I've already mentioned my big beef with this skin.

My other beef with this skin is that it once again overwrites one of the torso options, so you won't be able to use that one anymore, and to be frankly honest, getting past the Correllian/CorSec issue, the green just looks way too bright to me. As a recreation of Corran Horn's robes, this mod pretty much falls flat on its face (unless there's some obscure reference image I've never seen). As a Corellian-based reskin it has a little more support, but I think it needs a little tweaking to be a bit easier on the eyes and more Jedi-ish.

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Title: Corellian Jedi Colors
Author: Saskei

FILENAME: Corellian_Jedi_Colors
FILESIZE: 971 kb, including the screen shots, and this read me file.
Date Released: November 22, 06.

Credits: Everything used started as Raven's base items/textures, so the thanks goes to them for providing the base to start from.

Installation: Extract the pk3 file into you're Base folder.  If you don't know  where that is, unless you've moved it (and if you dont' know, that's not likely) and if you just selected a standard installation when first putting the game on you're computer, then it should be at: my computer -> Program Files -> Lucas Arts -> Jedi Academy -> Game Data -> Base.

If you want to, you can open the file and remove the screen shots and read me folder to save some room, as it doesn't need them to work, you're choice.

De-Installation: Just delete the pk3 from you're base folder and you're done.

Description: This alters the first robe for the Human Male into the color variation that was used by the Corellian Jedi, such as Corran Horn.  This change doesn't include any color customizations other than the pants as it is mean to be just the Corellian Colors, nothing more.  I have not altered any of the base pants, so you can choose any of them to go with the upper robe, the first black pair is the one that seems to with them the best, but that's just my opinion.

Bugs:  There shouldn't be any, though it will conflict with any other mod that attempts to alter the same robe of course.

Tester(s): Myself.

Comments: Took me several tries to get this one, kept messing up on the transparent sections (where the color customizations would normally go) when I remembered I wasn't going to worry about that, so this one took a bit of work.  I appreciate any comments, good or bad but if you want to criticise it, please, make sure its just that, criticism, not flaming.  Oh yeah, and second JA Mod, WOOT! As always, Happy Gaming!

Legal stuff/Disclaimers:


Aside from that, I can't be held responsible for any damage done to you're computer or files from use of this mod.  I do say, I have no idea how you could screw anything up with this file...its just some JPEG Images, but I feel safer putting this thing in. ;)

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