Corellian Rift of Lords

This is a very snazzy looking little duel map. The mixture of hard edges and curves really give this map a smooth, but jagged feel. At the s...


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This is a very snazzy looking little duel map. The mixture of hard edges and curves really give this map a smooth, but jagged feel. At the same time. Impressive, yes? From what I can tell, this map makes use of only stock textures, which makes the final product all the more impressive. The textures are blended wonderfully, giving it a very "temple ruins" look without looking like Yavin or Korriban, specifically. The lighting in this map is also rather good. It is not too bright, an impressive feat given the overcast sky, something most authors might not think very hard about. The blue crystals and orange flames add a little bit of hilight to the otherwise shady (but still perfectly well lit) map.

For those interested, this map is available in both FFA and duel game modes. I'm not sure if it's big enough for a good-sized FFA, but in case you wanted it, it's there all the same. Bot support has also been included, so it might be an ideal map to do a little bot slaughtering in. For practice, of course. All in all a nice package, and nice looking to boot.

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: No


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Download '' (1.33MB)

"Corellian Rift of Lords"
by Nalukai
Visit my site at

This is my Second Map I have had the joy (and headache) of making and is designed for the Bladeworks Network.....Sign up for Duel League at!!! Hope ya enjoy!

Title: Corellian Rift of Lords version 1.1
Filenames: BWN_Lords.pk3, BWN_Lords.txt 
File size: 1.37  megs
Author: Nalukai

Deep within the Mountains of Corellia shrouded by the Dark Side of the Force, The Rift of Lords has been a training ground for the Dark Jedi since the days of Marko Ragnos.  The Dark Lords himself constructed the arena to trial his new apprentices against one another and to also put captured Jedi into a Gladiator style duel to the death with one another.  For centuries the location has remained hidden on the summit of the once great Condor Dragon's Lair, which Ragnos slew himself and mounted it's Talons across the arena as a trophy of decoration.  To this very day the Tombs of His fallen Apprentices are displayed as a symbol of Death and Destiny to those who battle here.

Thanks to everyone that helped me along the way and beta tested the Rift.


Additional Credits:

Thanks to: George Lucas for his Greatness: Raven Software for giving me the ability to add on 
to their game:  Mah boys over at KoP and Takeda for giving me the inspiration to make maps and continue playing this great game: Anyone else
 that tries to take this game to its next level of play: and BWN for bringing great players 
together and giving them something to strive for while having fun.

Special Thanks Goes out to Orbitius, Sith J and Exodus for helping me troubleshoot along the way.

Map Instructions:

Unzip and place BWN_Lords.pk3 into your Gamedata/Base directory.
Launch game.


****Test Machine: 1.4 gig Celeron with 512 DDR ram and G-Force4 MX 4000 PCI
****Compiler: 1.4 gig Celeron with 512 DDR ram and G_Force4 MX 4000 PCI
In game Support - YES
BOT support - YES
Supported Game Types: Dual, Powerdual, FFA, TFFA
Items/Weapons - none this map is meant for league duels and deathmatches against teams or one another i stayed away from the extra stuff on this one.

Base: New level from scratch.
Editor Used: GtKRadiant 1.4
Known Bugs: only bugs I know of are in the lighting some fires generate odd triangular shadows under the base.  you may get a wall climb on a clip on the second level but those are very rare and could not remove to save my life, and some texture lines when you are very far away but thats probably due to my POS cpu :P

any other bug reports should be sent to me at

Copyright and Permissions:

You can use anything that you find of redeeming value that you want, just and long as you 
give me the credit for what ever you use it for. That's all I ask!


(c) Copyright 2005 Michael Williams

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