Corrupt Jan

Remember Corrupt Jan v1? It was the Jan skin with the skin inverted and almost no other changes, sporting Diablo 2 corrupt rogue sounds. Wel...


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Remember Corrupt Jan v1? It was the Jan skin with the skin inverted and almost no other changes, sporting Diablo 2 corrupt rogue sounds. Well, now Jan at least looks more like one of the corrupt rogues (although I don't think they wore quite so much clothing). It seems the skin has been redone completely. Instead of inverting her skin, the author has now desaturated and lightened it. The pants have been colored blue, and the shirt has been desaturated. The corrupt rogue sounds remain, and some NPCs for you to play with have been added. Otherwise there is very little unique about this skin to make it interesting. Just looks like a very pale Jan to me in a new outfit.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: MODIFICATION

Name: Corrupt Jan
Author: FuL*CruM
File Type:


No Bot Support
No Team Colors
New Sounds
No New Models
NPC Support

grrrrrrrr sounds are a bit quiet, and theres a horrible brown mark that i cant get rid of on her legs......

Description: What happens when Jan goes to the dark side and becomes Corrupted Jan.....
This one has a full soundset (including taunts) from Diablo 2.

It also has an NPC for you to fight, she is stronger than I am 0_0. It took me about 7 respawns till I killed her...
Thats why shes always fun to fight in Eye Candy Realm, Jedi's Home_JL 2,or Kor2.

Be forewarned, this skin contains sounds from Diablo 2: LOD which I got from a program called MPQedit.
They were WAV files then I changed them (by using a program called WAVER) to MP3 format. NOTE: NONE OF THE

Credits: MPQedit team.WAVER team,DIABLO 2:LOD all for sounds.Raven for model.GIMP for skining tools. Myself for the map.



Filename: newCJ.pk3

:Better looking and has multiple npc files. However, if you wish to view their weapons, you must have the following files:

Revan Dark Weapons
Lazer Shield

all of these can be found on

NPCs that can be spawned:

- CJ_spearwoman
- CJ_berserker
- CJ_warrior
- CJ_swordswoman
- CJ_diskjockey
- CJ_ranger    //uses the Serren Scepter as a gun
- CJ_jetpack    //supposed to have jetpack + saber but it wont work :(

NPC Support: Yes
Team Support: Yes
Bot Support: No
New Sounds: Yes

- CJ_jetpack npc has no jetpack
- the icons are original Jan ones, but the default has the original icon for the Corrupt Jan skin

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