Corsec Base v2

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As an FFA map, I haven't decided if I like Corsec Base yet or not. It's really suited for RPing. The map consists of some long hallways and several rooms such as a small courtyard with some trees and bushes, an area full of computers, some gated room thing with stuff like, generators or something in it, another gated room with some rocks that I just don't trust ... they look like eggs or something. Then you'll find an area with some jail cells, a cargo room, a large room for target practice, a common area that should have a bar in it, sleeping quarters, an armory, some offices, a health care room thingy that has a bunch of tall aquariums in it ... er, bacta things, right.

Anyway, the textures are simple and consistent here. The FPS is decent in most areas, but mine did drop to 25 at one point. :/ It would've been nice to have some new music in this level, but it doesn't need it. I didn't find anything really wrong with this map, but I do think this is best for guns FFA or RPing.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA




read me for Corsec_base_V2

author : cobetco
game type: FFA/RPG
time spent: 20 hours
contact: [email protected]

to install put in the you base directory

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