Coruscant Part I - Padme's Home

And now for Sith-J-Cull's piece de resistance. Padme's Home is just one small part of a larger map that's being created. Coruscant is one...


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And now for Sith-J-Cull's piece de resistance. Padme's Home is just one small part of a larger map that's being created. Coruscant is one of my favorite locations in the Star Wars universe and James certainly did the city justice. The traffic, the color, the buildings - it's all perfect. Perfection comes with a cost though - FPS is a bit low. :/ My first reaction to the gameplay in this map is that there isn't enough to really make an FFA satisfying, but I've changed my mind on that. I'm trying to remember that this is only a small part of a larger map. Also, I think the moving pods could make for some interesting duels. :D

The jail surprised me. And how I got in there was unexpected as well, until I started thinking about ... well, you'll see. The most impressive thing about this map has to be the models and textures and how it all comes together so well. I absolutely love some of the chairs included in this map. And the lighting is very pretty too. Though you should really see it in-game before judging this map. :) Amazing job, James. I can't wait to see the completed map. :D

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA


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Download '' (13.88MB)

Map name	padme_home2

Author		Sith-J-Cull

Game Type	FFA

Game		JKA

Custom Textures	Yes
Custom sounds	Yes
Custom shaders	Yes

Directions	Place the pk3 into your base folder.

Description	I thought I would release this at xmas as a present to you guys for all the support
		you have given me over the last year.  Padme Home - is only section one of a larger Coruscant map
		I will be continuing to make early 2005.  

My Thoughts	Padme apartment is a recreation of the apartment
		seen in Episode II.  I spent a long time researching the insides of the room and getting the
		textures just right.  I added buildings, landing pads, moving pods, traffic all in an attempt
		to recreate that 'living' city we all know so well now.

		The FPS again may be a little low for some with lower spec pc's so I am sorry to those peeps that have

This map has been tested on a clean instal of JKA only, if you have missing texture or other problems
I can only suggest that another custom map is clashing with it, if this is the case try downloading a
pk3 manager (such as the one GansterA made for JKA) so you can temporarily move files in and out of your base folder.

Contact details

[email protected]

I also use msn messenger.

[email protected] < please do not add me to your buddy list without first sending me
an e-mail explaining who you are etc - you would be amazed at the kind of peeps that add me, and then
do everything they can to annoy me!!

I am happy to help peeps through msn but you gotta understand that I am busy a lot.

Thanks and I hope you like the maps

James Culley


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