Coruscant Speedway

Finally a JKR map that is more like a racetrack! Sith-J-Cull calls it a Coruscant Speedway. It's just what you'd expect of a racetrack in...


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Finally a JKR map that is more like a racetrack! Sith-J-Cull calls it a Coruscant Speedway. It's just what you'd expect of a racetrack in Coruscant. It's a dark map with a lot of twists and turns and arrows that keep you headed in the right direction.

Jump on a swoop at the Start line and wait for the announcer to start you off. Then you'll race against others through many different tunnels on the track, all the while having a view of the city through windows on the side or above you. You'll also pass spectator areas where people will cheer on the leader of the race. There are obstacles like big, moving blocks that will try to crush you and knock you out of the lead and buttons that you'll need to slow down and press with the nose of your swoop to open up the next path you'll need to race down. At the end of the race, you'll be greeted by more spectators and the applause of the crowd.

If you're not in the mood to race and plan to just watch, there's a room where you can choose which area you want to watch the race from. It'll transport you to one of three areas and each area has a teleporter to take you back to the start line. If you're announcing the race and starting off the contestents, there is a place for you to stand and press the button to get them started. All of the new sounds are perfect and the map is a lot of fun to play. I suppose if you wanted to duel or start a small FFA, it's feasible, but really this is a JKR map. This is definitely my favorite JKR map to date. Great work, Sith-J-Cull. I can't wait to see more JKR maps from you. That is, if you plan to do more Speedways. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, JKR


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Map Name                : <Coruscant Speedway>
Author                  : <Sith-J-Cull>
Email Address           : <[email protected]>
Website URL             : <>

Map description         : <Based on the jkr idea with credit to the original
                           author who started jkr.>
This map is an idea that I have been playing with for a long time, and I am pleased
to be able to fialy release it! The map consists of respawnable swoop bikes
with optional sound effects (pk3 included) a large race track with a few surprises on the way
I have kept the weapons to a minimum in an attempt to courage the use of swoop rather than
getting tied down to a ffa, although its still fun to do so.

There are various new sound effects to give the map the impression of a large city and I have
used clipits of sound from EI pod race scene and the PS2 pod racer game (all credit were its due)
Also near the start line there is a special spectator service with transporters to key places around the
map for come realistic spectating, and there is a start line computer up on the walkway.  I hope you
enjoy this map, if the music is gets on your nerves, I am deeply sorry !!

Additional Credits to   : <George Lucas, All the team behind JKA >

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : <YES>
New Skins               : <NO>
New Objects             : <NO>
New music               : <YES>

BUGS - only if you have the great JK2 FFA in your JK3 folder

* How to use this map *

<extract into base folder, load with ingame menu>


I will release an updated version soon which will add further parts to the track - and some detail to the spectator rooms etc.


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