Coruscant Speedway Texture Fix



For those of you who downloaded Coruscant Speedway and found an annoying little missing texture, this pk3 is for you! Personally, I didn't find it all that bothersome. The missing texture was just on one building, I think and wasn't a big part of the map. If you have Coruscant Speedway and Sith-j-Cull's Dex Club map, then you shouldn't be missing that texture.

So anyway, this is just a quick fix for those that don't have the Dex Club map and really feel the need to have that missing texture in Coruscant Speedway back. I really had no idea where to put this missing texture ... so I created a new category. Yay! Miscellaneous. That's as specific as I'm willing to be for a one texture pk3. :P




I forgot at the last min that those people that did not download my last DEX CLUB map wont have these textures that I used for the skybox in coruscant speedway - this is a quick fix
and I dont really know what you are going to post this as as it is just a missing texture for that map
thanks again

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