Coruscant Start-Up Screen



*Plays Kazoo* we have a new start-up screen of Coruscant it looks pretty decent for a start-up screen. There were no new buttons, but because I have a previous start-up screen that I never removed those buttons showed up so darn! There were no new sounds either, which stinks :(. The picture that he uses looks really cool so I guess that makes up for not having new buttons. There isn't too much about a Start-Up screen because truly you don't look at the start-up screen for that long it's only about 2 seconds so really a start-up screen is useless for some.

Overall there is not much to this start-up screen other than a new picture, which doesn’t look half bad. There are no new sounds or buttons as I stated before so it’s a bit plain in that sense. I like the fact that the picture is good for a Coruscant themed picture. Something strange is if you look carefully at the picture on the top there is stars, but the rest of the sky is plain is it an error? Or is it just I thinking things? Who knows other than the author? Good job and next time please try to make new buttons or sounds.


New Sounds: No New Buttons: No



Jedi Academy Modification
An overview of Coruscant in the game.

Description: This is a simple mod that changes your Jedi Academy Start-up screen.
Pretty ordinary, nothing that new.
Well for those of you of get bored of seeing the old one, heres a little change.

Installation: In your Install folder, usually C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Install there
will be 3 files called Product, inactive and active. Make sure you create back-ups of them. I will not be reponsible if you
forget to and cannot change back. Once they are backed up (right click and click Cut, then put it somewhere) place the
Product, active and inactive included in this file in your Install folder.

Bugs(well sorta): I haven't mastered the art of cropping the Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy words yet so when I do I'll
make  a modified one.

Note: I did not actually make the picture. I took it from levelshots and cropped it, added some life to it and put the words on it.

(gatorterminato[email protected])

The :ew: clan site: http://www.ew-aus.hwgn.net

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