Coruscant Streets II

This is an average sized CTF map based around the original 'Coruscant Streets' CTF for JK3. When I spawned I felt like something was missing...


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This is an average sized CTF map based around the original 'Coruscant Streets' CTF for JK3. When I spawned I felt like something was missing, and it didn't take too long to realise that it was the lack of ambient music. For those of you who play with your own music or just turn it off altogether, this will be a treat for you, but I find it drains the potential atmopshere from a map. So I'm going to plead to the author to add some music if he's making a future version! :D

The level itself is very solidly built, with a sturdy framerate in every part of the map, for me between 60-65FPS :thumbsup: This does mean there's not too much exquisite detailing or mind-blowing effects but it's still a fairly impressive design. The inspiration from the original map was apparent when you play this and the original side by side, but there's enough difference to keep you playing. The lifts in particular, I thought were very well made, as were the flag areas, however there's this odd blue misty fog throughout the level which looked just a little out of place, not only in the red base, but other areas, because the map is in an enclosed city with some endless holes. It just didn't seem particularly fitting. There was also this kinda annoying/creepy sound I kept hearing when walking around the bases, and I couldn't figure out what it was or where it was coming from... wierd. :(

It's always good to see bot support, especially in CTF maps, so kudos for including them, but this map could have done without those posters which are placed around on giant billboards in some places. The pictures just didn't seem like the kind of things that would have been advertised in coruscant, that's all. Oh, and you didn't put a sky in! I'd have though you'd be able to see at least a few stars in the coruscant sky, but instead it looks like an endless hole, but going upward. :( Still, most people don't run around facing the ceiling so I'm going to let that drop :D

The layout was fairly standard I think, for a CTF. There's two main routes to the flag on the main floor, and some little interlinking lifts between floors. For a more stealthy CTF I don't think there's enough variance, so you'll most likely run into someone when stealing/returning the flag. Still, maybe that's what CTF is about in JKA, I can't confess to playing it a great deal. :( If there was another complaint I'd have to make It'd be the blandness of the envoronment. More flashy neon signs and stuff could have brightened up this level a good deal, currently I just feel a little 'greyed-out.' However in conclusion I do have an overall positive opinion on this map, it's not bug-ridden or mad design, it just doesn't seem to go that extra mile for me. That won't stop you all from enoying it though :) - download it and see what you think.

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (2.07MB)

Coruscant Streets II

Author                  : Cuko
Email Address           :
Website URL             : n/a

Programs used		: radiant

Map description         : Coruscant Streets (ctf4) is the most popular and widely played ctf map in JKA. I wanted it to be enough like
			  ctf4 that the connection would be clear, but different enough to be original.
			  Most importantly, I wanted it to play well. I have been disappointed in the playability of some of my past maps -
			  This one plays well, and should be great for pugs.

* Play Information *

Game types supported	: CTF
New Textures		: Yes
New Sounds		: No
Bot support		: Yes

* How to use this map *

Extract cs2.pk3 into base folder, load with the ingame menu

* Special thanks to : *

Ion, zod, & Tritoch for helping keep ctf fresh with their contributions.
Then, of course, the refresh community. 


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