Council Building BB



Oh goody! Another council building!

This one apparently draws a lot of inspiration from JedicouncilGC/GCX, and it sure shows.

Layout I gotta say, the layout for this map was well planned for a council building. Everything branches out from the main hall in a simple, yet nice floor-plan.

Improvements? Bigger. This map needs more places to go.

Brush-Work The brush-work on this map is detailed and simple at the same time. Something that can be rather difficult to do at times, so +1 to the Author for that. If a version 2 is made, I suggest adding a few more details, though.

Textures The texture-work here is particularly nice. One nice touch that I noticed was the carpet in the main hall. Take a look and you'll see what I mean. Improvements? None, really.

Lighting 'Tis a well-lit map, but there were one or two spots that could stand to have a few extra lights in it.

Gameplay Overall, this map is best enjoyed by the dueling, chataholic, racing, RP'ing, and Lugormod communities. And maybe movie groups as well.

Notable Features Racetrack: Bespin at night, in-depth background, twisting track, start/finish, swoops, and a barrier for the pre-start of the race. What more could you possible need?

Council Room: Seats your leaders. All it needs is a secret or two. :P

Obstacle Course: It's like dodging trip mines, but without the blowing up part. Nicely done.


Just kidding. I'm not THAT nice... Averus might be, but not me. :P

Seriously though. It's clear that the author put some real effort into hiding the secrets. Bayoon, for making secrets that have proven difficult to find without cheats, you get a cake


New Textures: Yes Bot Routing: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Music: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA



Council Building by Bayoon

Title					: Council Building BB
Version					: 1
Author					: Bayoon
E-Mail (MSN)				: [email protected]
Websites					: http://www.council.dk
					: http://www.cyclingsimulator.com

File Name					: CouncilBuildingBB.pk3
File Size					: 17.938 MB
Date Released				: 7th February 2009

Suggested gametypes			: FFA, TFFA



To install the map, you will have to put the map (pk3-file) into your base directory
Put CouncinlBuildingBB.pk3 in your /gamedata/base/ directory.


Council Building BB is inspired by the old famous Jedi Council GC (and later GCX) map, made by Griffenclaw.

The map is based on an imaginary Jedi building or temple, including features such as training grounds, tournmanet areas, 
fighting areas, a council room, a bar, and much more.

The map is not an attempt to build anything seen from the movies, and is based on pure imagination.

The map is dedicated to the saber and duel only communities, and the map contains lots of duelling spots, both regular
spots with plain surfaces, as well as rooms with obstacles.

While you are alone on the map, you can always try the integrated obstacle course consisting of 3 levels with increasing
difficulty. The obstacle course is based on movement, and will probably be able to give you a challenge. If I ever make a 
version two, this obstacle course will of course be expanded.

The map should have good FPS and plenty of room for duels, matches or whatever. 



The map contains quite a bunch of secrets, and they shouldn't be too easy to find. The beta testers spend long time finding
them, and they still have one left to find. So the question is, can you find them all?

I'm not going to reveal how many, as it may depend on how you count them. Some aren't really meant to be secrets, while
others are supposed to be easily found - almost too obvious to be a secret.

One of the obvious secrets teleports you to a completely different place (Bespin) where you at night time can do races on
a simple, yet detailed track.



The map contains many references and is basically based on all my memories and good times in the Jedi Knight games
(Outcast and Academy).

Back when I played JKO, I spent all my time on the Jedi Council GC map, where features such as the dojo, the garden, the
bar, the council room, the tournament room all caught my attention. Such rooms have all been included in the room, and
some of them even have a little story attached.

Garden: I always found it weird and not fitting into the rest of the map, that a garden suddenly popped up. Therefore I
decided to make something quite different: an indoor garden. In the garden, we played games such as jumping and doing
tricks from the waterfall. I wanted to recreate that, which means it's possible to stand on a small spot in one of the sides on
the cliffs.

The windows: The windows are completely based on the windows from the Jedi Council GC. Even though more advanced
windows/skies have been made afterwards, I decided to use these as I completely fell in love with those back in the times.
JKO, and the mod I was playing, which I can't remember the name of, made it possible to fly through thin walls, such as
windows, which made me make one of the secrets being based on that. In the main hall in Jedi Council GC, we could get
to the outside of the windows, where Griffenclaw for some reason made a balcony. I recreated that feeling, just somewhere

Behind the waterfall: Jedi Council GC made it possible to get behind the waterfall, which was a feature I wanted to include
as well. However, my waterfall is pretty different, so I had to make it another way, and I'm not revealing how, as that's one
of the secrets!

The obstacle course: The idea of the obstacle course was originally based on the small and easy obstacle course on Jedi
Council GCX, however, my obstacle course was inspired by another game I've been playing online, where we set up small
parts of an obstacle at a time with trip mines. It's a fun game, though it always took long time. The trip mines would often
blow up, and it was hard to compare to each other. With this obstacle course, it's easier to compete, and you don't have
to make the track each time.

... and much more. The map is filled with references and recreation of memories. I'm not going to mention them all, as I
suppose you don't bother. It's just for my own need of nostalgia.


Technical stuff:

New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Models: Yes 
New Scripts: No
Bot Routing: Yes

Brushes: 16862
Entities: 4077

Build Time: I have spent ages on this map. The development has been on/off constantly, and I thought at somepoints
that I would probably never release it. However, recently (5 months ago) I decided to get it done as I had almost nothing
left to do. That resulted in a beta at some point. When it came to fixing bugs and mistakes, I stopped again and waited
even longer. Then eventually I decided to finish this one a release a stabile version - and here you go!


Special thanks to	: Griffenclaw for making Jedi Council GC / GCX, which have entertained me a lot in my Jedi Knight
		  time. The map is brilliant when it comes to gameplay and I really wanted to do something alike -
		  just my own version.

		: Nozyspy for mapping guidance.

		: The Council Clan - www.council.dk 

The beta testers
and ideas:		: Socke,
		: Redeemer
		: Ose
		: Xirith
		: IPO
		: Captain
		: Renegade
		: Feanor
		: Rinollo
		: Tiger
		: Severus
		: Rou
		: Abalone
		: Acid
		: Christoball
		: DeGoQ
		: dS
		: Gemic
		: Starfire
		: Bishop
		: Mindo
		: Zingo
		: Martin
		: Drak
		: Oblivion Neo
		: Martyys
		: Ana
		: Zedi
		: Teh Awsum
		: Nozyspy
		: ReikoItami
		: Cole
		: Helena
		: Doodle

		- if I forgot anyone, then I'm sorry. Don't hesitate to flame me for it. ;-)

Credits to the	(textures/shaders, inspiration, etc.)
author of following
maps:		: Jedi Council GC / GCX
		: Jedi's Home (JL) I and II
		: The Academy v1, 2 and 3
		: Duel of the Fates


Known bugs:

There's a known problem about a FPS drop in the hall just outside the obstacle course. The reason however is unknown
and the bug shouldn't really cause any game wise problems, as the hall isn't meant for anything else than leading you to
various rooms.

There are two bugged shaders. They seem to work fine, but when loading up the map, and error is displayed multiple times.
I haven't been able to solve the problem, as I'm not much into shaders. The shaders weren't made by myself.



Decompiling or editing in the map for another release demands permission by me, while anything else should be okay, as
long as you give credit to me in a readme.





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