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Well, here we have another new map from Bayoon! I don’t understand how me makes these maps so quickly o.o He must have some kind of mapping...


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Well, here we have another new map from Bayoon! I don’t understand how me makes these maps so quickly o.o He must have some kind of mapping factory :P

Anywayysss, I’m a big fan of Bayoon’s work so far, he has brought out some very nice maps in my opinion. And once again this is a nice map, although I would say that I liked his previous maps better. Again like his previous maps this is a clan-orientated map, with many clan-related features such as dueling rooms, and meeting rooms. Also again, there aren’t any clan insignias or logos or anything like that as far as I could see, so I suppose it could be used by any clan really. :)

This map is based on the Mygeeto style architecture. Mygeeto was featured briefly in Revenge of the Sith, it’s the planet where Ki-Adi-Mundi gets blasted by turncoat Clone Troopers if I remember rightly. Although this isn’t based on any particular location seen in the film, Bayoon has tried to use Mygeeto style architecture in this map. Considering there isn’t really that much reference material for this style of architecture, I think Bayoon has done pretty well!

Like I said this would make a good clan map for any clan really. Its got plenty of clan friendly features and is well made. Also seeing as the author has included weapons in this map it can also be used for a guns FFA! I imagine this kind of gameplay would be good fun on this map, because of the layout and the walkways, crates that you could duck behind and such.

Of course as with any map there are areas that could be improved or worked upon. I said earlier that although this was a cool map, I didn’t like it as much as Bayoon’s previous maps, I shall explain why.

To me this map didn’t feel completely finished, probably the main thing that caused this was the lack of a floor :S Below the map is just the skybox and that’s it. Now I can understand the reason for this, and the fact that it would be very difficult to make some good looking Mygeeto terrain, but it does look kinda weird just seeing the skybox when you look down :/

Probably the main thing in the map that bugged me was how often patterned textures were used. For example the roofs looked shiny and cool, but the texture used had a lot of lines in it, going in many different directions, and it just didn’t seem to fit as a roof texture. The other main thing was the doorways. Again the texture used on the doorframes had lines and other things on it, which didn’t look right. Personally I like plain textures for things like doorways, because when there are too many lines or patterns on it, it doesn’t look right :S

Also the lighting outside was a little harsh and bright, I understand that it’s the skybox that lights the outside of this map up. But it would have been nice if the lighting was a bit softer and not so bright. A sun entity is a good thing to use to light up the outside of a map. If anyone wants to know how to make one of these there is a great tutorial here:

Apart from those things though, this is another cool map from Bayoon, and I certainly look forward to seeing more of his maps in the future! :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Council Mygeeto 
AUTHOR: Bayoon

FILENAME: Council-Mygeeto.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 23 January 2006 

I don't really have many to give credits to for this map, since I used most of the textures and models from the game.
I did use one shader though, the reactor beam from the Duel of the Fates map - So credits to the author of that.

Extract the pk3-file to your base folder.

This was just a short idea I once got because I wanted to make a map based on bridges.
I thought of a winterlandscape like Hoth, and suddently it hit me that it should be Mygeeto.
Later though,  I changed my mind, and made it some sort of summer version of Mygeeto.
This map doesn't at all look like anything seen in the movies. It's simple my own idea of the planet.
First after I made the map, I saw some screenshots from Battlefront 2, and then I realized that mine was kinda wrong looking.
But think of this, as a map placed somewhere else on Mygeeto than you already have seen, then it might be looking okay . :)

I hope you all like it. Please also take your time to visit my clan's website;

BUGS: No known bugs.


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