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Well here we have another very nice map made by Bayoon, the author of the Council Tournament map!

Again this is a clan oriented map of co...


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Well here we have another very nice map made by Bayoon, the author of the Council Tournament map!

Again this is a clan oriented map of course, but I couldn’t find any clan references in here, so any general FFA server could use it really :)

One of the things I was greatly impressed with in Bayoon’s last map was the superb use of curves, and once again, there are plenty of curves in this map, again also used very well. I remember from my time in clans that the base JKA Tatooine map (mp/ffa3) was always very popular, as it had a good layout for clans. It was just a nice size, not too big and not too small, there was a nicely sized FFA or tournament area, plenty of room for dueling and also lets not forget a bar ;) Tatooine always seemed to be a location that people liked, and that map was also very practical, I suppose that’s why it was so popular with the clans I was in.

Well, this is also a Tatooine map, and just like that base JKA map, there are plenty of practical features here for clans, plus plenty of nice looking architecture and some good texturing.

Some of the features include; training rooms (what clan map would be complete without them?) and a large main area, filled with buildings and walkways, (which I personally think would make a great place for gun or FFA battles!) The best bit in my opinion though is a very large duel room, surrounded by stands and seating areas behind the walls. How are you going to see the action I hear you say? Well from inside the seating areas you can see through glass windows, on the duel arena side though, you just see a wall. One-way glass is great! ;)

In the seating area where I presume the admins are supposed to sit (this area had comfy chairs instead of the normal stands :P) there are 3 switches. Each one enables or disables a feature in the dual arena, such as a large walkway in the middle that can retract, or narrow walkways that rise from the floor. There’s even a switch that makes the floor disappear, to make the duel that bit more dangerous…fall and they will never hear you scream…

Ehmm anywayy, there are also one or two things that could be improved upon here. One thing that bugged me was that in some areas, the lighting didn’t seem to be coming from any light source, it looked like the lights were just floating there and not coming from any ceiling or wall lights (such as in the main duel arena). Overall though I must still say that the lighting was very good.

One other thing would be that in the main outside area with all the buildings, some of the textures did get a little repetitive, as there was a lot of some kinds of texture, but that wasn’t too noticeable. Oh and the skybox used isn’t a Tatooine one, but I’m just picking straws there :P It still looks great anyway!

Another great clan oriented map here from Bayoon, your clans lucky to have a mapper like you! ;) I cant wait to see more of your work! :)

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
Title: Council Tatooine
Author: Bayoon 

Filename: Council-Tatooine.pk3
Filesize: 2.463 kb 
Date released: 22 December 2005 

Credits to my betatesters, IPO & LewseR, and my clan for full support and joy. :)

Installation instructions:
To install this mod, place the pk3-file in your base folder.

Imagine Tatooine being the capital planet, and Jedi-arts being a sport.
The saberists train in dojo's and fight their tournaments in the main arena, which can "change shape".

The map is kept in Tatooine-style, indoor as outdoor, which much inspiration from the FFA3 map.
Only the dojo's aren't exactly Tatooine-style; they are the known and very used dojo from Jedi Council GCX.

Comments: Please visit my clans website: and our server: This is my second official released map, so enjoy. :)


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