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*explodes* I didn't expect this right now, but as most of you know, Hapslash has been working on Episode III models, and this is the fir...


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I didn't expect this right now, but as most of you know, Hapslash has been working on Episode III models, and this is the first to be released, Count Dooku.

The model is perfect in every way... Count Dooku's cape isn't stiff like on other models, his cape flows nicely, I'm sure alot of you are glad to hear that :P. There are several skins included with the model, there is the default which is Dooku's Episode III robes, an Attack of the Clones version, which is his clothes from Episode II, the team skins and an imperial version (you need to download Hapslash's "Improved Imperial Officer" to see it) What I really like about the model is the attention to detail, it looks exactly like Christopher Lee, who plays Dooku in the films and there is nearly no clipping what so ever. Not only do you get this awesome model, Hapslash has also included Dooku's Lightsaber hilt, and an optional overwrite hilt. There's an NPC there, and new sounds. Most of the sounds are from Episode III, and I think they were great choices they fit well into combat.

Pretty much the best model to come to JKA so far in my opinion, and I think I speak on behalf of the whole community when I say, Thank You Hapslash and Infinity Blade.

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Title			: HS Count Dooku - RotS
Author			: HapSlash
E-Mail			:
Website			:

File Name		: hs_rots-dooku.pk3
File Size		: 3.32MB
Date Released		: 06-02-05

Model & Textures - HapSlash 
Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion, Sound optimization - INFINITY BLADE


This is the first of the Episode III models that I'm working on, based off of the latest Star Wars movie 'Revenge of the Sith'.  It is currently available for both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.

The first pk3 includes both Dooku and his saber models.  There are a total of 4 texture sets in this pk3, the default, red & blue team skins, and then an alternate Episode II version (aotc). The "aotc" is only available via the console by typing

model hs_dooku/atoc

There is also a 5th mystery skin, but not all of it's needed textures are located in this pack.

The second pk3 (available with the JA version only), will replace the 3rd single hilt in the SP JA game.  This pk3 will eventually be replaced with a Revenge of the Sith Weapons Pack that I'm also working on.

Dooku's saber is a new model built specifically for this pack. The model is made so that it will be held with a more natural grip.  This does offset the blade a bit; and while the difference in angle isn't that great, it will effect game play some.  It will be easier to hit your opponent with several strikes, while making others somewhat harder. Those wanting to take the new Dooku saber are going to have to experiment with it a bit before they get the hang of it.


Once again special thank's go out to INFINITY BLADE, without whom this project would still be unfinished.

I'd like to thank Alaris for his wonderful Dooku saber that he created for JA, which was a great inspiration for the textures on this new one.

And then also thanks to everyone on my forums who participated in gathering sounds for the model, While I didn't actually use them this time around, I'm sure they will come in handy later.


Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Outcast/Academy directory.  The second pk3 (HS-dooku_saber-SP.pk3) will replace single hilt #3 in the SP JA game.  This will overwrite, or be overwritten, by any additional saber replacements you might have already added.  So keep this in mind should you find that it doesn't work.


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