Counter Strike Siege Sounds

Sounds rating: * * * (out of four) — 7/10

Kaito_Kenshin has created sounds that will replace some of the siege sounds used by any model t...


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Sounds rating: * * * (out of four) — 7/10

Kaito_Kenshin has created sounds that will replace some of the siege sounds used by any model that uses generic male multiplayer sounds (the default sounds). He thinks that the usual siege sounds are silly in Jedi Academy. I guess I'd have to agree with him on that (but Star Wars is supposed to be silly). He got the idea from "Counter Strike Siege," which I think is a good choice because it's far more likely to have the more serious sounds for which the author and people like him might be looking.

Most of the sounds sound like a radio going on, a relaxed man trying his best to sound like he's in the midst of a battle, and speaking "urgently" into the radio. It sounds pretty good for what it is—pain sounds are a little bit gruesome, though. There isn't much here, but if you're an avid sound user on siege, go ahead and give these sounds a try.


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Ein Jedi Academy Minimod

Author	  :	Kaito   (Kaito_Kenshin)
E-Mail	  :	[email protected]
Fehler	  :	keine Fehler sind gekannt 
BuildTime  :	2 Tage und ein Halber
Platziere die pk3 datei einfach in den Gamedata\base ordner.

ACHTUNG: Damit die Sprüche richtig funktionieren muss das Spiel auf Englisch gestellt werden.
(Spiel starten\ SETUP\ Spieloptionen\ Sprache : Englisch)

Lösche sie einfach oder packe sie in einen anderen Ordner.
Wieso habe ich diesen Mod gemacht?
Ich fand die Alten sounds einfach langweilig, deshalb hab ich sie geändert.

Die Idee dazu bekam ich, als ich CSSource gespielt hab.
Eigentlich wollte ich alle sounds ändern,aber es gab keine passende Kommandosprüche wie:
"Ich brauche Nachschub"
"Ich brauche einen Techniker"
und so weiter halt...
Aber alle Taktiksprüche habe ich geändert und es gibt auch neue sounds wenn man stirbt,
oder schaden bekommt und noch viel mehr


A Jedi Academy Mini-Mod

Author	  :	Kaito   (Kaito_Kenshin)
E-Mail	  :	[email protected]
Bugs	  :	there are no known bugs
BuildTime  :	2 days and a half
put the pk3 file in to the Gamedata\base folder.

NOTE: The sounds only work when the language is English!
(start game\ SETUP\ Gameoption\ Language : English)

Just delete it or put it into another folder.
Why I made this mod?				  
The old sound where a lil silly and so I changed them...	  
I got the idea when I played CSS. 			  
I want to change all sound, but in cs are no commands like:
"I need supplys"
"I need a tech here"
and so on...
But all tactic commands are changed, there new death and damage sounds and more

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