Counter Terrorist

In my opinion, this looks nothing like a counter terrorist. So, all of you who came to look at this file because you thought you would see a...


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In my opinion, this looks nothing like a counter terrorist. So, all of you who came to look at this file because you thought you would see a really cool counter terrorist skin, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The skin is one color, with the word “Policia” written on the back. I think this is the authors first skin. The default skin is the skin the author made, but, if you go to the red and blue versions, its just like the Imperial Officer. I don’t think the author understood about the red and blue, cause they are the Imperial Officer. That doesn't really fit well with a counter terrorist. That means, he included a lot of unnecessary files. There is no Bot Support, or new sounds. I don’t even think this looks like a counter terrorist. Would a counter terrorist wear blue? I don't know if a counter terrorist would wear blue, but I havn't seen any. I did some searching, and I couldn’t find any word that is a translation of “Policia”. The authors readme is pretty vague, as far as information about the skin. It is kind of annoying to have the Imperial Officer as the skins Team Skins. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement.

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes, but it is the Imperial Officer New Sounds: No


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VVV          VVV       EEEEEEEEE       LLLL            OOO        CCCCC           IIIIIIIIIIIII      TTTTTTTTT      YYY       YYY
 VVV        VVV        EEEEEEEEE       LLLL          OOOOOO     CCC   CCC              IIII             TTT          YY      YY
   VVV    VVV          EEE             LLLL         OO    OO    CCC                    IIII             TTT            YY  YY
     VV    VV          EEEEEEEE        LLLL         OO   OO     CCC                    IIII             TTT             YYYY
      VV  VV           EEE             LLLL         OOOOOO       CCC   CC      *       IIII             TTT              YY
        VVV            EEEEEEEE        LLLLLLLL      OOO          CCCCCC               IIII             TTT              YY
         VV            EEEEEEEE        LLLLLLLL                                    IIIIIIIIIIII         TTT              YY

						            Master Jedi

Hello there,
              This model was made by Velocity. I appreciate the time you spent to download this file. I was inspired to make this model from
 some games i used to play before i was introduced to Jedi Academy, Counter Strike, Half Life, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Counter Strike: Deleted Scenes,
 and Half Life: Opposing Forces. This model may come out again with better details and better modeling. I have still yet to learn how to make a model. There may
 be a Terrorist model to follow this model if i have the time or the patience to make.

	You can distribute this model to any person you feel the need to show or give this model out.

Copy Right of: Velocity

							Enjoy your experience with the Counter Terrorist model.
Model Installation: Extract the folder, find the files, put the files in your JK3:gamedata:base folder. start your jk3 and your model will be set.

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