Skin rating: * * (out of four) Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes The cow, a popular culture icon...


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File Description

Skin rating: * * (out of four)

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

The cow, a popular culture icon for small people, symbolizes the joy, innocence, and silliness of childhood. Darthdie takes the Reelo model and gives him mad rodian disease. This is a cow, a farm animal that produces the milk that we simpletons drink, and it has its good utters and its bad utters. Darthdie tried to replicate the cow icon, but it doesn't quite moo its way there.

The skin of Reelo is quite clearly the typical cow pattern: white with black spots. It's not beatiful in its detail, but is adequate for a cow. The head seems unfinished, with the mouth not really looking good, and the horns undone. Overall, as a skin it's not bad but not great yet. Reelo does indeed have the best potential for being a cow. The sounds could sound more lazy; the cow seems excited or mad about something. I want an "ignorance is bliss" mooing taunt.

What also sort of bugs me is that cows are supposed to bring cheer and delight, but the cow bots use red lightsabers. Going along with the sounds, are these cows truly mad? The essential sound missing is a moo for whenever you roll, which really detracts from the enjoyment of using it. What could also possibly annoy you are the team skins, where white is replaced with the color of the team. This results in an radically colorful, blaring cow, but to perhaps adhere to the perception of cows better, the author should have kept the white as white and only changed the color of the spots.

The taunts and other sounds did make me chuckle, but I really don't like hearing Jaden's voice coming from a cow sometimes. This skin requires a complete reworking of the sounds. Next time, it will be better, but this time around, it's just okay. It's a cow, and cows are funny, but comedy films aren't necessarily great if they make you laugh, and this skin isn't necessarily good because it's a cow. There's something missing.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE:Cow Skin

FILENAME: cow.pk3
FILESIZE: 3.20 mb
DATE RELEASED:november 5 2005

CREDITS:thank you george lucas for making star wars,thank u lucas arts for making jedi academy,and thank you clan .:MOO:. .

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:extract to your base folder,then enjoy! 

DESCRIPTION:this is a cow skin i made for my clan .:MOO:. it has custom sounds(it has a fun taunt)npc/bot/team support. 

BUGS:well not really a bug but in this version it doesn't have horns it still has antenna's except the antenna's are colored like the color i am going to use for the horns in version 2.0.

COMMENTS:I hade fun making this can't wait to make the next one,it will have some fun vehicles(well depends on what u think).


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