Crack of Doom 2



When I first loaded this map I was instantly reminded of the Crack of Doom from Return of The King, probably because that’s what it’s meant to be :P

The main room, is a large square type shape, with a lava floor, which it seems is feed by a small ‘cave’ in the wall, and a hole in the roof which I’m assuming is meant to be the mouth of Orodruin (the fiery mounting, my Tolkin companion can be so useful at times :P). The bridge in its self beautiful work, really it is and by a long way the best part of the map. Unfortunately the author has used one solid texture for the cavern walls and roof, so it does look extremely repetitive.

If you were planning on creating a 3rd version of this map id suggest adding some out crop’s, small ledges, and cracks to the caver wall, making the hole are taller, and also make it darker, I’m not sure why but when ever I think of The Crack of Doom I always think of a dark ominous looking cavern that’s exceedingly deep.


New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes



Map Name                : The Crack of Doom 2.0
Author                  : <EJK>DevmapAll[JG]
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL             : nope
Map description         : This is based on the inside of Mount Doom from LOTR.  This is based on the movie mostly, except for the name, because in the book they call it the Crack of Doom

Other info              : Um...nope
Additional Credits to   : JediOfOne for the first review, pointing out things I needed to fix.  

Thanks to               : The JK2/3files.com Botrouting tutorial.
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : Yes, if you count music as new sounds
New Skins               : ah....no
New Objects             : nadda

Gametypes               : duel/powerduel 
Software used           : GTKRadiant 1.4.0, Terragen, Notepad
Known Bugs              : Bots might slip off the edge, but that means you win, so...its a good thing :)
Build Time              : no idea...good handfull of hours

* How to use this map *

Drop the duel_crackofdoom .pk3 into your base folder like always,

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