Crazy Assassin v2.0

Behold =_= an assassin who is crazeh.

This is, in actuality, a rather enormous, yet simple skinpack in its own right. Basically, what we...


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Behold =_= an assassin who is crazeh.

This is, in actuality, a rather enormous, yet simple skinpack in its own right. Basically, what we're given is a huge Quinlan Vos Reskin. The main basis of the skin is an armored suit gentleman with a strange electrical shader engulfing his suit. There are robed and hooded variations of each set of skins. I'd go through all the colors for you, but perhaps it's simply best if you take a look for yourself =_o.

Thankfully, this enormous set of skins can be offset by using the species menu, thus making it slightly easier to create the combination you desire.

The general overall quality of these skins is actually very high. The face texture is generally agreeable, the armor is pretty well done, and there aren't very many bugs. I will say that the unarmored versions have a strange deforming with the left arm when you taunt, but that's not at the fault of the skinner. There are a few holes in the back of the robe's texture, however, that I think could be fixed. They're not very visible unless you really look, though, so they're not that big of a deal.


Bot Support: Aye NPC Support: Aye Team Skins: Aye New Sounds: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (3.73MB)


		-VERSION 2.0-

Title:		The Crazy Assassin

Author:	The Crazy Assassin


E-mail:	thecrazyassassin AT yahoo DOT com <--This is my "public" account. If I start recieving spam, I can simply drop it, since it's not my primary one.
			If you send me a message and I don't respond, it's probably because of spam.

Model:		Aaron Smith's "Quinlan Vos"

Textures:	Aaron Smith's "Quinlan Vos"
		FreshmeaT's "Fresh" (-EDITED- armor textures from the Quinlan vos skin)
		Proximo's "Proximo" (partial-gloved hands)

Additional Textures:	The Crazy Assassin

Texture Editing:	The Crazy Assassin

Sounds:		Ravensoft's "Human Mercenary 2" (sound/chars/humanmerc2)

Icons:		The Crazy Assassin

Bot Support:	The Crazy Assassin

NPC Support:	The Crazy Assassin

Team Support:	The Crazy Assassin

Single-Player Support:		The Crazy Assassin

Shaders:	The Crazy Assassin

File Size:	4,073kb (about 3.97MB)

This is my personal skin, with some extras, obviously. It is an armored jedi with electricity running through his armor.
Model names are: 
/model crazy/default

Skins with "robe" are skins with the robe, hood down, "hood" is hood up.

Single-Player skins:
			head_a1 -brown hair, full gloves
			head_a2 -brown hair, partial gloves
			head_a3 -brown hair, full gloves, hooded
			head_a4 -brown hair, partal gloves, hooded
			head_b1 -black hair, full gloves
			head_b2 -black hair, partial gloves
			head_b3 -black hair, full gloves, hooded
			head_b4 -black hair, partial gloves, hooded
			head_c1 -white hair, full gloves
			head_c2 -white hair, partial gloves
			head_c3 -white hair, full gloves, hooded
			head_c4 -white hair, partial gloves, hooded
			head_d1 -sith head, brown hair, full gloves
			head_d2 -sith head, brown hair, partial gloves
			head_d3 -sith head, brown hair, full gloves, hooded
			head_d4 -sith head, brown hair, partial gloves, hooded
			head_e1 -sith head, black hair, full gloves
			head_e2 -sith head, black hair, partial gloves
			head_e3 -sith head, black hair, full gloves, hooded
			head_e4 -sith head, black hair, partial gloves, hooded
			head_f1 -sith head, white hair, full gloves
			head_f2 -sith head, white hair, partial gloves
			head_f3 -sith head, white hair, full gloves, hooded
			head_f4 -sith head, white hair, partial gloves, hooded
			torso_a1 -RGB armor style one
			torso_a2 -RGB armor style one, robed
			torso_b1 -RGB armor style two
			torso_b2 -RGB armor style two, robed
			torso_c1 -white armor
			torso_c2 -white armor, robed
			torso_d1 -blue armor
			torso_d2 -blue armor, robed
			torso_e1 -red armor
			torso_e2 -red armor, robed
			torso_f1 -black armor (only lightning is RGB)
			torso_f2 -black armor (only lightning is RGB), robed
			torso_g1 -"hoth torso" (actually, its ths same as torso_a1)
			torso_h1 -green armor
			torso_h2 -green armor, robed
			torso_i1 -teal armor
			torso_i2 -teal armor, robed
			torso_j1 -purple armor
			torso_j2 -purple armor, robed
			torso_k1 -yellow armor
			torso_k2 -yellow armor, robed
			torso_l1 -orange armor
			torso_l2 -orange armor, robed
			torso_m1 -brown armor
			torso_m2 -brown armor, robed
			lower_a1 -no robe
			lower_b1 -black robe, hood down
			lower_b2 -black robe, hood up
			lower_c1 -brown robe, hood down
			lower_c2 -brown robe, hood up
			lower_d1 -RGB robe, hood down
			lower_d2 -RGB robe, hood up
			lower_e1 -"hoth lower" (same as lower_a1)
			lower_f1 -blue robe, hood down
			lower_f2 -blue robe, hood up
			lower_g1 -red robe, hood down
			lower_g2 -red robe, hood up
			lower_h1 -green robe, hood down
			lower_h2 -green robe, hood up
			lower_i1 -teal robe, hood down
			lower_i2 -teal robe, hood up
			lower_j1 -purple robe, hood down
			lower_j2 -purple robe, hood up
			lower_k1 -yellow robe, hood down
			lower_k2 -yellow robe, hood up
			lower_l1 -orange robe, hood down
			lower_l2 -orange robe, hood up

NOTE: Torso_j1, j2, k1, k2, l1, l2, m1, m2, lower_f1, f2, g1, g2, h1, h2, i1, i2, j1, j2, k1, k2, l1, l2, m1, and m2 do not have icons, as my Photoshop is not working right.

Also included are a few npcs. They are listed as follows:
/npc spawn Crazy -- 500 health/high skill, player side
		CrazyEvil -- 500 health/high skill, evil side
		Crazy_master -- 1000 health/skill, player side
		Crazy_sithlord --1000 health/skill, evil side
		Crazy_knight -- 750 health/high skill, player side
		Crazy_sithknight -- 750 health/high skill, evil side
		Crazy_gardian -- 1000 health/skill, player side (better than crazy_master/crazy_sithlord)
		Crazy_gardianevil -- 1000 health/skill, evil side (better than crazy_master/crazy_sithlord)
		Crazy_Phantom -- 100,000 health/high skill, player side (when faced with many desanns, this is your gardian angel)
		Crazy_PhantomStaff -- 100,000 health/high skill, playerside (same as above, but with a staff)
		Crazy_PhantomEvil -- 100,000 health/high skill, evil side (don't spawn unless you're suicidal, really)
		Crazy_PhantomStaffEvil --100,000 health/high skill, evil side, (again, same as above, but with a staff)

These NPCs use special sabers designed JUST for them. They use base models, and are not available in Multiplayer. BEWARE: These guys are much harder than desann.

Special thanks to my good friend FreshmeaT, who made my FIRST personal skin, I later made this one which replaced it, but there are a few things here and there from the old one.
FreshmeaT also made the armor textures that I worked off of, and he edited Aaron Smith's original textures. My shaders are also based off of Fresh's work, but mine are far more complex than his.

Thanks to Ravensoft for the "Human Mercenary 2" sounds.

Thanks to Proximo, for the partially gloved hand texture.

Thanks to Aaron Smith for the model.

Thanks to Inyri Forge, for writing a tutorial on how to do SP support. I read it a long time ago, but it still helped. It can be found here:

NOTE: crazy/phantom, phantomhood, phantomrobe, phantomevil, phantomevilhood, and phantomevilrobe all use a special icon. I made it from the "Brotherhood of Steel" logo, which is from a game called "Fallout: Tactics".

Just so you aren't confused -- Crazy assassin and =WGO=Phantom = SAME PERSON ZOMG!

If there is anything that needs fixing, I will release a newer version with the updated area. Please, PLEASE send me feedback! I will listen! (In other words, leave comments on JK3files.)

This skin uses both of my names, one is some sections, the other name in the other sections, so try not to get too confused! If you do, I might have to hurt you. :D (joke)

When I say "skin set", I mean the set of 3 skins using that name. (crazy/name, crazy/nameHOOD, crazy/nameROBE)

If you find that the RGB presets don't have what you want, you can further customize the color by typing three commands: /char_color_red, /char_color_green, and /char_color_blue.
	After each command, type a number from 0 to 255, and watch the color change!

Also, I submitted previous work to JK3files under the name of [JHC]Phantom, but JHC died a while back, so all work from now on will be under the name if "The Crazy Assassin" or just "Crazy Assassin".

=Previous work=
	The Crazy Assassin V1 -->;67192
	New Shadowtrooper V1 -->;65268
	New Shadowtrooper V2 -->;66961

I have only four requests.
1: Don't use crazy/phantom, crazy/phantomhood, or crazy/phantomrobe when I am around, those are mine. Obviously, you can if I'm not around.
2: If you don't like this skin, then don't download it/delete it and don't complain, please.
3: Send me feedback! Tell me how I can make this skin even better! Point out bugs! Etc!
4: There is no fourth request!

A note about certain skins: The reason I have the green, teal, purple, yellow, orange, and brown armor/robes available in SP support, is to allow further customization.
	With these, you can have a green robe, but red lightning and blue armor. (RGB color red, torso_d2, lower_h1, any unhooded head, or hooded head with lower_h2)

The other text file, "RGB Colors.txt", contains a list of various colors, as well as their RGB codes.

You are free to use any part of this skin for the purpose of learning, but if you wish to release your work, please make sure you include this readme and give the proper credit.

=Changes Log=

=Version 1.5= (Not released)
	-Changed the sounds completly, they use human-merc 2 now.
	-Removed ghost skin set, since it's not really needed, and it's cheap.
	-Scrapped all of the colored armor textures, their icons, and replaced them with the RGB system.
	-The white armor is now the "white" skin set, and the RGB armor is default.
	-Updated single-player support, to allow easy use of RGB system.
	-Scrapped the jedi tunics. Sorry, but I didn't want EVERY part of this mod to be borrowed from other people's work.
	-Lightning flashes are longer now, so you can see it better.
	-New RGB robe. (Lower_d1 and d2.)

=Version 2=
	-Re-added the colored armor skin sets, as I found a way to be highly efficient with space. (thanks to shaders)
	-Added four new patches to the front of the chest, complete with shine.
	-Updated the icons.
	-Massive upgrade to the NPCs, they now have their own sabers, and there's a wider veriety of NPC's to choose from. (And they're MUCH harder.)
	-Changed the color pattern on RGB style 2 so it's different from crazy/phantom, phantomhood, and phantomrobe.
		(You won't notice unless you had V1.5, and I only gave that to some friends of mine.)
	-Added colored robes, for increased customization.

=Plans for Version 3=
-Add some sort of design system to the armor, to allow for more customization.
-Find some way to remove that symbol from the left side of the chest plate. (Blame Fresh for putting it there back in the days of JHC.)
-Add more armor to the skin, particulary the back.
-Finish the icons, assuming I can get Photoshop to work properly.

NOTE: These are not garenteed to happen, they're just what I'm hoping to do.


Place the file called CrazyAssassin.pk3 in the folder called base, found in the gamedata folder. If you installed to the default directory, your gamedata folder can be found in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, but if you did not install to the
	default directory, then you gamedate folder will be found where ever you installed the game to.

To uninstall, simply delete the pk3.

=This modifacation was not made, supported, or distributed by LucasArts,=
=Ravensoft, Activision, or any other company involved or not involved in=
=making Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.					=

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