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It's a reborn reskin that overwrites the original. It's black and red, but, I'll admit, I put basically no effort in this, just a cha...


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It's a reborn reskin that overwrites the original. It's black and red, but, I'll admit, I put basically no effort in this, just a change of hues and other stuff. It didn't turn out that bad for a "non-effort" file.

I felt the need to quote the user's submitted description, if for no other reason than to point out you should definitely not say something like that to anyone if you're going to submit a skin for download. Typically if you can say "I put basically no effort in this" you shouldn't be submitting it for public download.

In any case, now that I've given my pearls of wisdom to everyone, let's get down to business on this skin. It's a reborn skin, and it overwrites the default reborn. The biggest differences here, as the author said himself, is that it's a different color. And it's much darker. The face is almost pitch black, and the clothes have been darkened. The hood is now red. Now I hesitate to call this an improvement on the original reborn, because such a statement is entirely subjective (which is why I advise people against making such claims). It's not bad, although I would agree that not a ton of effort was put in. Even so some people may find it suits them better -- after all, a huge number of people believe making something black and red makes it evil. A shame, really, because it's a great color combination...

Team Support: Default Reborn Bot Support: Default Reborn NPC Support: Default Reborn New Sounds: No


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Download '' (1.17MB)

Yeah, this is my reskin of a reborn. (NOTE: THIS OVERWRITES ORIGINAL REBORN MODEL, but of course, this one is somewhat better.)
You guys remember my Sheik_v2 skin for Cultist? Yeah, uhh, about that, I wasn't intending on making a model for people to download,
but for you guys to make a better one. I didn't think it was that good either. By the way, I used PhotoImpression for all of the model.
Anyways, about the skin! It's a creepy version of the original reborn, which was dumb looking, why not reskin it and make it better? 

Npc Support: Reborn
Bot Support: Reborn
New Sounds: None at all! =)

This is the end of my reskinning sharing, unless you guys like the file.

Regular installation, pk3+base=skin
(hint: the reason why I didn't post a comment is because I'm not a registered dude, so why not put it in a readme file?)

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